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What is hip replacement surgery and how does it work?

When your hip has been damaged by arthritis, fracture or certain other conditions, it can cause a significant discomfort for you. Even simple tasks such as getting up from a chair or walking can become painful and very difficult. This is because the hip has become stiff and feels comfortable only when you are resting. When you visit a doctor with such symptoms, certain medications and exercises would be prescribed. But if such steps do not work, then total hip replacement is the best option to rid yourself from the pain and exertion. You have to contact one of the best hospitals for hip replacement surgeon in Gurgaon.

With the total hip replacement, the surgeon aims to remove the damaged bone and cartilage and replace it with other prosthetic components. Firstly, the femoral head is removed and replaced with a metallic stem. This stem can either be press fit or is cemented into the bone. A sort of ceramic or metal ball is placed under the upper part of the stem. After this the damaged cartilage surface of the socket is also removed and replaced. A plastic, ceramic or metal spacer is inserted into the hip to make sure that the new ball is smooth flowing. 

But before you make a final decision about the surgery, you have to see one of the best total hip replacement doctors in Gurgaon. It is only after the doctor completes diagnosis and understands your physical health, that a hip replacement surgery would be advised. If you are seeking information about the best doctors or hospitals for hip replacement, use the Surgivisor app or website to get all the information you want. You can also book appointments and get quotations from Surgivisor.

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