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What does true friendship mean to you?

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself”-Jim Morrison

Friendship to me means a faithful connection or affinity between two or more people who genuinely support each other.  A friend is someone you feel comfortable with no matter the situation. The question is "are there real friendships or just friendship for favors"?? Friendship gets real when "this person" is like a family member to you, like even if you don’t talk to this person for weeks, you both can still retrace your steps back and rebuild your friendship. 

                             True friendship= happiness. 

Research claims that the higher the quality of your relationships, the more likely you are to be blissful or happy. So the question now is How TO TELL SHE/HE IS A good friend??

  • They Listen to you piercingly; Now a friend who listens carefully to your challenges and ask you questions that could positively impact you, is surely a good friend. And I am not saying that there are no fake friends, however a friend who sits down willingly to give you steps on how to dismantle a challenge or solve a problem that you have disclosed to them, is surely a good friend and not a fiend….It also doesn’t mean that this friend should have all the answers, but at least they have tried to shed more light on how to reduce or dismantle that challenge you have in your life. 
  • WILLING to tell you the truth: Sometimes friends tell you the harsh reality of a situation; it might come up as impudent or respectful, but it’s the truth and they want the best for you. However, one shouldn’t confuse envy talk for real talk. Some friends act like they are telling you truth, but realistically speaking they just want to be harsh. So you have to trust your guts here and act accordingly. You can choose to believe them or not. However, I feel that if a friend tells you the harsh truth, say because you might lose some money or you might fail in something, realistically speaking they might just want to help…..Your friends might not want to sugar-coat something that will be hinder your that’s  a good friend

You can watch the rest of the video above  to get the full gist

Leave comments below, what does true friendship mean to you?? I am sure there are many tales or anecdotes on how people classify true friendships. 

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  • Tiffany Pham
    Tiffany Pham Founder & CEO, Mogul
    6mo ago New York, NY, USA

    Love this! True friendship, to me, means being there for each other, through thick and thin, and ongoing close communication.

    Love this! True friendship, to me, means being there for each other, through thick and thin, and ongoing close communication.

Writer, quotes writer, Spoken word, vlogger Follow me on Instagram: tosin_tajo

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