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ThalassaBoom Thalassa Boom Resort Wear
9mo Curaçao Story

What color swimwear to wear with your skin tone

Picking out the perfect swimwear is a hassle because there is a lot to consider. As if choosing the best swimwear for my body type isn’t hard enough, I have to start worrying whether my swimwear is the perfect color for my skin tone. Many people do not know much about this, but I guarantee you, if you do not pay attention to some of these details, you end up ruining a good time at the beach because you don’t feel confident.

There is a common belief that black and white are universal colors for every skin tone. People have taken to this piece of information and settled for the standard colors. I ask why to settle when you have so many other choices. Besides, I do not recommend white as a swimwear color if you have a light skin tone. It is universal, but you try to keep away from it since it will make you look very pale.

Experimental fashionistas may have to step aside on this one because I do not recommend anyone experiment with swimwear. Granted it may work out sometimes but if it fails, you look like a clown in a bikini and that is not flattering or sexy.

My secret is simple; the first thing you need to know is your skin tone. I find that when I don colors that compliment and flatter my skin tone, I enjoy myself and get more compliments on my choice of clothing. Swimwear is no different; I have mastered the art of selecting the colors that go with my skin tone. This helps me highlight my best features.

Knowing your skin tone

There are so many skin tones in the world that you cannot possibly narrow down to each one, but I recommend that you know the basics like pale, beige, ebony and the like. Another aspect of skin tone that is somewhat important is knowing whether your skin tone is dark or fair, warm or cold. When I talk about skin tone, I expressly mean your undertone. This is a new word that I can quickly explain. My skin tone may change from time to time, but my undertone remains the same, and that is what I need to focus on here. To change my skin tone, I can easily use makeup or get a tan; my undertone remains the same.

To know my skin tone in detail and to be sure that I got it right. I did some exercises like exposing myself to the sun. Let’s call it light basking which allows you to gauge how your skin reacts to the sun. Your veins are also a tell-tale sign of our skin tone. Green means that you are warm, blue means cold.

Choosing colors for your skin tone

I want to have fun with my body and not let summer pass me by because I did not know what color swimwear to pick that does wonder for my skin tone. I love various colors, but I cannot just pull out any color and force it to work for me. When I walk out in my swimwear, I want to feel sexy and confident, noticed, flattered and my skin tone complimented.

  • Dark skin with dark hair

Colors are the way to go; I find that when a dark skinned woman embraces her colors, she looks breathtaking. The colors that are most suited for people with this skin tone are yellow, gold, silver, pink, green, but white and black compliment dark skins also extremely well!

Gold Snake Bralette Bikini Top with Swarovski Crystals
White Halter Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom with Swarovski Crystals
Snake Silver Triangle Bikini Top & Ruched Back Tie-sides Bikini Bottom with Swarovski Crystals of Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

  • Medium dark skin, black or brown hair

You hold your world on your fingertips, and I even wish I fell into this category because the choices are limitless. Bright yellow, purple, jewel-toned pink, silver, gold, lime green, blue, black, white are your picks. Know how to play around with them properly, and you look and feel like heaven.

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Thalassa was born in Holland and raised on Curacao; a Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea. She studied Hotel Management and Yoga in The Netherlands and she worked the greater part of her career in small to medium sized companies in The Netherlands, USA and Curacao. After living abroad for over 16 [...]

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