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AlishaBrowne Essay Writer
5mo London Bridge, London, UK Story
What Christian teacher are you but you love difficult students?

The Pontiff grants an audience to the teachers' association and reminds that it is Christian to love the student with his difficulties and problems
"Jesus would say, if you love only those who study, those who are well educated, what merit do you have?" Said Pope Francis, receiving in audience this Saturday, March 14, the members of the Italian Catholic Union of professors, rectors. , educators and trainers Media (UCIIM, acronym in Italian).

"Any teacher is fine with the best students. I ask you to love more the "difficult" students, those who do not want to study, those who are in difficult conditions, the disabled and foreigners, who are now a great challenge for the school, "he insisted.

Starting his speech, the Pope recalled that he had been a teacher like them and said: "I have very nice memories." Precisely because before taking the final vows to be a Jesuit he has been a school teacher for almost eight years & work as a writer at speedy essay.

"As Jesus has taught us, the whole Law and the Prophets are summarized in two commandments: Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor (Mt 22,34-40). We can ask ourselves: who is the neighbor for a teacher? The "neighbor" are your students! It is with them that he spends his days. They are the ones who expect guidance from him, a direction, an answer - and, before that, good questions! ", He said.

Pope Francis recalled those times of "maestrillo", as the novices are called before becoming Jesuits, has criticized the double shifts and the bad pay that teachers must face in several countries. And he mentioned the case of his native country.

Apart from the prepared text he said: It is an injustice. I think of my country, which is what I know: poor people (teachers), to have a more or less good salary, they must do more than two shifts !. Does a teacher finish after a double shift? It is a poorly paid job, but beautiful, "he said.

Later, he presented some elements that characterize the just idea of school, which is opposed to the reductionist ideas of his mission in society. "The school is certainly made of a valid and qualified education, but also of human relations, which on our part are relations of welcome, of kindness, addressed to all without distinction."

In fact, he continued, the duty of a good teacher - especially of a Christian teacher - is to love with greater intensity his students more difficult, weaker, more disadvantaged.

From here, he has confirmed that teaching is a "beautiful job" , because "you can see the people who have entrusted us and are in our care growing day after day. It is a bit of "how to be parents, at least spiritually, it is a great responsibility!

" Teaching - he continued - is a serious commitment that only a mature and balanced personality can assume.This commitment can be scary, but - he recalled - no teacher ever he is alone ", he also has the support of his colleagues and community.  

For this reason, he indicated that it is good "to always share his work with other colleagues and the entire educational community to which he belongs."

In his speech he addressed the Christian teachers to be true testimonies. Thus he called them to be present in the existential peripheries and in the suburbs of the school. All this, to combat, "exclusion, ignorance and crime."

In a society that struggles to find points of reference, it is necessary that young people receive positive examples and guides at school.

The Pope asked that teachers give meaning to school, study and culture, "without reducing everything only to the transmission of technical knowledge", but to seek an educational relationship with each student. In this way, he exhorted the teachers to welcome and love the students for what they are, with all their limitations and potential.

Precisely, Francisco gave them an example of San Juan Bosco, at the same time that the bicentennial of his birth is celebrated this year. In addition, he indicated that Christian teachers are needed, "testimonies of a mature and complete humanity".

At a professional level, he pointed out that "it is important to update" teaching skills, especially in light of new technologies, "but teaching is not just a job: it is a relationship in which each teacher must feel fully involved as a person. , to give meaning to the educational function towards their students ".

Finally, the Pope encouraged us to renew with passion the man in the process of formation and to be witnesses of life and hope. In his speech he was glad that the association of teachers received in audience has turned 70 years and said that in addition to the right to celebrate, it is important to take stock of those years.

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