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over 2 years Story
What are the Features of FRP Gratings?

The FRP stands for fiberglass reinforced plastic. FRP gratings, as the name suggests, is made of toughened fiberglass in combination with resin and is used commonly in construction industry. Different types of resins like Isopthalic Polyester, Vinyl Ester, and Phenolic can be used to create FRP gratings.

FRP gratings should have the following features because these are used in walkways which are a crucial aspect of any type of construction. Let’s look at each type of feature in detail.

  • Corrosion-Resistant: Any walkway, be it the floor of an overhead or subway, should be sturdy and rust is a very common degrading factor. Therefore, FRP gratings are crafted to resist rust and be durable. Durability can be a standalone feature when it comes to selecting any construction material.
  • Anti-Skid: None of us would like to fall walking on a busy path. Just so that, you are not embarrassed by such moments, FRP gratings are mostly anti-skid. This is an extremely important aspect that any walkway should consider. The pattern and design selection that we will discuss also contributes to the anti-skid feature.
  • Fire Resistant: Walkways are a crucial part of any structure that needs to be accessed by humans. In case of emergency situations like fire, walkways are the only means of getting out and thus, extreme emphasis is paid to make walkways of material that is fire resistant. This quality should be on top of your list.
  • Patterns and Designs: FRP gratings India have a commercial requirement and therefore to appease customers, the involved companies experiment with the patterns and designs of the gratings. These designs are nothing overtly fancy but generally contribute to the look and feel. Some common examples are wide mesh and mini mesh.
  • Dimensions: Many FRP gratings are used to create a pedestrian walkway and that is the reason these need to have appropriate width and thickness. Another important factor to be considered here is that the pattern you select should be apt for the purpose. For example, to avoid things falling through the mesh pattern, you can select mini-mesh design.
  • Color Choice: FRP gratings are available in natural colors like green, brown, grey, etc. These colors are generally industry standards and most people prefer these because walkways are prone to dirt and grime. However, a light color variation in yellow is also available. This can be selected in case you want the pedestrians to take note of something.

If you are looking for a FRP gratings manufacturer, the manufacturers in the Indian subcontinent have a lot to offer at competitive prices. An FRP manufacturer should not be able to answer all your concerns regarding the composition and deliver quality product but also take care of the aesthetic aspects that you have decided.

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