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canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
9mo Story
Weekly Reads: Your Health and Everything In Between

Weekly Reads aka The Cousin of A Newsletter

February 20- February 26

It all begins with you. If you do not care for yourself, you will not be strong enough to take care of anything in life.- Leon Brown


In The News Corner


Can We Talk Corner

* February is National Condom Awareness and February 14 was Awareness Day * Here are some of our Condom Awareness Post

Interesting Find: *Check out Glamour’s piece on abortion without regret in, “Was I Supposed to Regret My Abortion? Because I Don't”*


Good Reads 


*Cool Finds*

  1. Check out the Q&A on the Morning-After Pill (A Simple explanation) via The Planned Parenthood Website (remember that PP, is a great service *not only for medical care* when you’re in need of a refresher sexual ed course and more)

  2. STIs and “Everything” You Need to Know About Herpes *skip to 2.20 if you would like to skip the song/tidbit*

3. Organizational Spotlight: Forestville Teen Clinic

A Nonprofit health center that provides free reproductive and mental health services for ages 12-25, community outreach services, counseling, homeless healthcare, and workshops.  Also, they post excellent and informative information on their Insta and have teens helping and education other teens. Check them out and see how you can get involved or use their services.

That’s all for now! Remember to stay informed, make/stick to appts: check on your health, and stay hydrated!

*Please let us know if you have troubles with the links, questions, or if you found any interesting stories that we may have missed*

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Report this post
Can We Talk: Sexual Health

Breaking down sexual health barriers by speaking on taboo topics and providing you with credible resources and personal stories.

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