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canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
8mo Story
Weekly Reads: Ain't I A Woman

March 9- March 13

“If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again! And now they is asking to do it, the men better let them.” - Sojourner Truth


March is Women's Month, March 8, 2017 was International Womens Day and #ADayWithoutWomen:  Let's Celebrate, Educate, and Embrace it all! Here are some news, good reads, and cool finds from around the world.


In The News (click Images to be redirected)-From how the GOP's health plan affects the safety of women to trans violence around the world, here are some of the stories from around the world.


Can We Talk Post 

*Check out our Documentary Review  "She Looks Beautiful When She's Angry"
She Looks Beautiful When She's Angry is one of those films you wished you watched back in high school when you're trying to figure out your place in the world:  From their inception in the 1960's to issues facing Women Today, She looks Pretty When She's Angry looks at the movement beyond the movement, focusing on the people and the issues;past and present.


Good Reads 


Cool Finds

The "Explore More Summit is having their annual "Explore More Summit" where the speakers and workshops focus on relationships, self-love, sexuality, and more. It started yesterday but you can still sign up 1. It's FREE, 2. Virtual 3. Can interact, ask, and hear from a diverse pool of Sex Ed,Trauma, Researchers, and Sexuality Experts. 

On She Goes: An new travel site/platform for all WOC and their goal is to empower and inspire other's travel and share their traveling tips and stories. Check out their site and they're looking for contributors.

Podcasting: Looking for a new fictional and inclusive podcast, headed by a group of diverse individuals focused on the POC and Queer Female experience to contribute your ear and some change too?! Then check out PROCT*N! Spoiler Alert: They've already aired their first episode!


Women's History Spotlight

Shout Out Time! Shout Out to all the women: Past, Present, and Future! The ones who fight in the front, research, take the initiative, plan, congratulate, and hold our hands! The ones who cry for and with us, the ones who never stop, the ones that stop, that care, that carry us, feed us, and the ones who teach us to embrace our authentic SELVES!

SHOUT OUT TO CELIA CRUZ, Queen of Salsa, Legend, Cuban Woman who taught women and men to embrace their identity: racism and sexism be damned, to never give up, speak your mind and to dance like EVERYONE'S WATCHING, and to remember that age is nothing but a number.

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Can We Talk: Sexual Health

Breaking down sexual health barriers by speaking on taboo topics and providing you with credible resources and personal stories.

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