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Web Design Changed Play Forever

Picture this. Your a kid, you’re bored and its the early nineties. The internet and web design hasn’t really taken off, so what do you? You grab your teenage mutant ninja turtles figures and make them square off against the WWF *ahem WWE* action figures.  They battle it out and sure enough Hulk Hogan wins it out with an epic leg drop.

Fast forward 25 years and I’d hazard a guess that these battles are happening a lot less. Why? 

Take a look around. Kids are doing exactly what everyone else is doing. Looking down. Looking down at a rectangle beaming a multitude of cartoons, games and videos right into the psyche of our youth.

Web design and the information super highway

But how did it come to be this way. Well…

…by the mid nineties the information highway was open for business and millions began to jump in their digital chariots and get in the data fast lane. When we say fast lane we mean 28.8k modems that woke up half the house each and every time you had to connect. If you wanted to make a call at the same time, that was a big NO. Web design Glasgow company Parachute say that "web design was in its infancy but there was a lot great strides forward and many of the big players today began to establish themselves at this time".

Yahoo! was the online champion and your window the world wide web. Indeed before MSN messenger took off, Yahoo! chatrooms where the Facebook of the day. Flash games came along and suddenly the physical toys you had became far less appealing. The web design of the pages got smarter and the resolutions got bigger. Suddenly web pages could adapt to the device you where using and web designers had to get responsive.

The smartphone was born

Mobile devices took off and suddenly your smartphone was a portable gaming device. You didn’t need to hog the family TV to play. Broadband speeds also got faster and faster. With the blazing internet speeds came opportunities to create bigger digital platforms and games which were more complex with ability to speak and talk to friends…who needs friends anyway!

On demand video was available and now kids didn’t need to watch the same VHS a million times. They could now watch unboxing videos and other people playing with games and toys. Web design now allowed for video to be easily embedded into web pages and user interfaces allowed for tapping and swiping. Perfect for little hands to drop the action figures and pick up the tablet. Netflix and million cartoons leap forward and play was changed forever. All by web design…well a lot by web design. 

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