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#WealthWednesday: A Conversation w YooTroo Founders; Entrepreneur Jean Paul + NFL Superstar Nolan Carroll.

Digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. 

In today's #WealthWednesday profile we sit down with the founders of new app Yootroo; Entrepreneur Jean Paul & NFL Superstar Nolan Carroll.  YooTroo is changing the landscape of online advertising and incentive based marketing for companies and consumers and putting YOU in the winning lane for both the best deals available around the country as well as putting $ in your account just for viewing ads. Never before have both the business and consumer been so engaged and YooTroo is set for big things ahead.

Since the dawn of advertising age, the main focus of advertisers has been to make profit by driving their products and services in front of consumers. YOOTROO comes in to disrupt this pattern in order to enhance it, making your time spent shopping profitable for you as well.

We have partnered up with world renown retailers to bring you the best offers and promotions around through our seamless app and will actually pay you to view these offers, no strings attached.

Yes, it is as simple as that!

It is now possible for retailers to earn your time on your own terms by putting cash in your pocket in order to get your attention.

YOOTROO offers all of this on a platform you can easily browse and personalize, aiming to make your daily life less hectic and filled with rewards while compensating you for your time spent browsing. Happy shopping with YOOTROO!

Follow Yootroo on Instagram, Twitter,  Facebook, Visit & Download App today in your devices app store.

Meet the minds behind YooTroo; Jean Paul and Nolan Carroll in our exclusive Q&A sessions with the pair. 

Jean Paul - Founder 

Instagram: @1jeanpaul1

You are quite the entrepreneur. Tell the readers about your latest incentive based advertising app YOOTROO.

How exactly does it work?

YooTroo is an incentive-based advertising app where users get paid for viewing ads.  Users receive anywhere between five to ten cents per ad depending on the ad type.  In order to receive the cash incentive, they must view the ad for the specified amount of time, usually less than 20 seconds.  Once they have viewed the ad, the user receives their cash which is added to their virtual wallet.  This money can be transferred to their bank accounts the moment they obtain a minimum of $25, no strings attached!  

How does YOOTROO differ from advertising on Facebook, Groupon and similar sites?

YooTroo differs from Facebook, Groupon, and every other advertising outlet because YooTroo is the only advertising outlet that guarantees engagement.  On Facebook, Groupon, Google, etc. the user can simply click on the ad and quickly leave the advertisement without engaging with it.  With YooTroo they are required to view the ad to obtain their incentive.  This is the first time in advertising history where you will get exactly what you pay for.

What made you come up with this idea? Did you notice a gap in the market?

I have been in the field of business for a long time and one thing I know that all businesses are in desperate need of is exposure.  What is marketing and advertising all about!?  It’s all about exposure, more importantly the right exposure.  When I came up with Yootroo, I wanted to have an advertisement platform where businesses can be certain that their hard earned marketing dollars are not being wasted.  Yootroo allows businesses to have that piece of mind especially since they themselves can download

the App and check that they are getting the amount of views that they pay for.  It’s basically a Win for everyone; the user is happy to get paid for viewing the ad and the business is happy for getting the views and the maximum exposure that they paid for.  

How did you end up partnering with football quarterback Nolan Carroll?

I truly believe that it is fate that brought me and Nolan together.  Our personality matched since the first time we met.  His eye and passion for business ownership is quite similar to mine.  We both believe in creating and developing new ideas that are going to make the word a better place and drive up the economy.  It’s funny really, I was actually introduced to Nolan from a third party who wanted my help to work on a completely different project.  As time went on and we got to working with each other, our business chemistry was so strong that I just had to bring Nolan into Yootroo and he is now the proud CEO of the company. 

Tell us why incentive based marketing is the wave of the future?

Incentive based marketing is the wave of the future because it truly is the only way to guarantee engagement.  We’ve seen mobile games among other platforms utilize a similar strategy for consumers to unlock different features of the game as well as to advertise also.  Typical advertising is a guessing game as to where to obtain the best exposure for your products or services.  With YooTroo you put these products and services in front of consumers among many demographics and they’re guaranteed to consume your content.

How many business’ does the app currently have in it’s curation?

The app currently has 300 businesses and we are growing faster and faster.  The businesses owners understand the concept and they of course love the idea of being able to see their business gaining more exposure.

How did you get started in business? And how did that lead to your current 


Though I majored in Law, my first passion has always been technology.  In fact, some of the first college courses I took were on technology at New England Tech before moving on to St. Thomas University Law School.  In 2007, I actually came up with a website that facilitated communication between people from different countries.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough money to push it but I did learn so much in the process and I had fun creating the website.  Now, years later, I am back to using technology and I have created what I believe is the best advertisement app out there, Yootroo. 

What advice would you give young entrepreneurs?

My advice to young entrepreneurs is to never give up and stay focus on your goal.  It is not easy to keep a certain level of dedication especially when facing challenges and obstacles.  I know this first-hand.   All young entrepreneurs need to be ready for success and the possibility of failure as well.  It’s all about adapting yourself to what life throws at you.  As long as you have the mental fortitude to keep going and believing in yourself, you will make it in the business world. 

Where can we find our more about YOOTROO?

To learn more about Yootroo, simply visit us at and browse the website to learn more.  We also have our contact info there for any new and existing businesses who would like to reach out to us.

Nolan Carroll - CEO

You’re a celebrated NFL player tell us about your journey to date both on and off the field?

 I was drafted in the 5th round of the 2010 NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins played with Miami for 4 years then signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013 and played in Philadelphia for 3 years. In 2016 I signed to the Dallas Cowboys and now I am a free agent. During that time I amassed 284 tackles, 3 sacks ,2 forced fumbles, 47 passes defended and 9 interceptions. My NFL journey was a winding road and a lot of unexpected events that now that I see them were the best learning experiences I could ask for. No one gave me a chance when I was drafted out of the University of Maryland. Most thought I wouldn’t even make the team. My mindset though was what people underestimated and I always had a drive to prove people wrong. I ended up starting towards the end of my rookie season and didn’t think twice about looking back only to improve. I have started 55 games in my career and played in over 100 games in the NFL and every one of those games has been a learning experience, thing I am able to apply off the field. I am on a small hiatus but it has given me time to really apply some of the values of hard work, working with a group, leadership, because of those values I have been able to tap into a world outside of football the business world.

Growing up, besides your love for sports, was business something you wanted to pursue? 

I always imaged being a business owner just never knew to what capacity. My parents were business owners so it was something that interested me from a young age.

Tell readers about your affiliation with the new YOOTROO app? 

My affiliation with YooTroo and title is CEO

What is it about this venture that attracted you to being involved? 

It attracted me because it is a different type of app that gives the consumer an opportunity to be paid to watch advertisements of business. There is no other app that allows you to find deals and to get paid in the process.

Your social media platforms are geared towards inspiring and uplifting others? Tell us more about this decision? 

It was never really a decision to do it,it was something I had always been doing, because I know people go through daily life struggles and feel as though they are the only ones, but then I look at a lot of my life and see that I have been through similar moments just like the rest of us. We have 2 options. One accept it and learn from it and grow or two let it affect you and bring you down. I just try to provide words of encouragement because I have been through it before and have brushed things off and I have let things get to me but along the way I have learned what and what not to do. So why not try to give everyone someone a little inspiration to let them know it will be all right if you decided to take charge and not let whatever it is bothering you keep you down.

Is public speaking something you are looking to get into? 

I have been doing public speaking but the more I do it and the more I am able to tell my own story the more I like to get involved. I never thought that my story would give people motivation or a positive outlook on their own life to let them know “Hey if he went through it, so can I!” The more I do public speaking though the more vulnerable I am for people to see that even though I am a professional athlete and a business owner I still go through the same daily struggles as anyone else.

Who would you say is the market and or demo you want to reach? 

I want Yootroo to reach everyone, Yootroo is for everybody to enjoy and enjoy the potential in getting paid to shop. Who would like to have an opportunity to do that? This app is not limited to anyone, we all use our phones almost all day, weather its for business or just browsing the web, so why not just spend a few minutes out of your day to earn a little cash on the side, I believe everyone will enjoy Yootroo.

Tell us about Jean Paul and why he makes the perfect business partner? 

Jean Paul is a great business partner and mentor. He is constantly thinking about the next step to advance. He has taken me under his wing per say and showing me the kind of mindset you need to create new exciting ideas and figuring out a way to advance them. Many things he has shown me I just sit back and think “WOW, how did you think of that?” For me its great because a lot of the things he has shown and taught me I don’t think you get from just general school knowledge, its more of an experience thing that he passes along to me and I appreciate him for that, because he didn’t have to.

Are you returning to the NFL or is business your sole focus at this time? Where can people find you on social media? 

Yes I am returning to the NFL, it is just a waiting process right now, but I will be back on a field pretty soon. I have learned that I am able to be involved in business and still be prepared to play. That wasn’t always the case, I was caught up in a daily routine of always being prepared for football that I never took the time for anything else. Since I had sometime I was able to learn how to balance both. People can find me on social media my Instagram and Twitter are the same name “Carrollcity”.

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  • MattDillon1983
    11mo ago

    Love this Story Raquel. Genius concept. Look forward to reading more #WealthWednesday stories in the future. 

    Love this Story Raquel. Genius concept. Look forward to reading more #WealthWednesday stories in the future. 

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