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Want to Time Travel Without a Time Machine?Take Advantage of These 3 Tools

Hear Me Out...

If you’re an ardent fan of fiction movies, you’re certainly familiar with the time-traveling concept. Looper, the 2012 time travel movie is hands down enthralling. Remember that captivating, nerve-soothing scene when Joe traverses timelines and hops into the future to evade assassination? Typically, time-traveling presents the unusual ability to relive the past, enjoy the present and sensibly project future happenings.

Amazing, right?

Imagine having the ability to occasionally spring back to your past, have your feet firmly rooted to the present and zoom off to the future at the slightest whim. There’s nothing as refreshing as tapping into such a blissful feeling. Well, if you’re wildly imaginative, there’s an easier alternative. You don’t need a spaceship or some mystical powers.

Think it’s impossible? Roll on…

Here’s How to Easily Time Travel Without a Time Machine:

1. Read

Shockingly, the first and common shortcut to your past or future is found in the unlikeliest of places, books! Despite being heavily undervalued, books come along with tons of advantages. They’re priceless. Quite simply, books go beyond their superficial value. They offer much more than just a bunch of coherent, grammatically correct words. Books present other people’s life-lessons. They contain invaluable gems of wisdom that can’t be easily found.

Through books, you can have a one-on-one interaction with historically revered heroes like Napoleon, Winston Churchill or Leonardo Da Vinci. Within a few days, you’ll unravel their struggles, success, will, and strategies. Imagine the high-end privilege of peering into such brilliant minds. History contains a wealth of knowledge. To date, a lot has happened in the world already. And, reading into other people’s lives may be the secret key to finding the answers to your life-long questions. You’ll pick up life hacks, warnings, interesting stories and the mind-stimulating inspiration to confidently surge towards the future.

2. Imagine

Remember the imaginative 8-year old you?

Mostly, kids derive immense pleasure from experimentation. They’re always diving into new, risky adventures without an ounce of fear. Despite the dangers involved, a kid can fiddle around with a dangerous snake. It all boils down to the power of imagination. The roaring quest to learn and fathom mysteries is their lifeblood. It’s great. With imagination, you can journey through life: to the past and through the future. That’s why meditation and Yoga are centered on imagination. The concept is wrapped around the ability to visualize your present, past and future self.

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”― Robin S. Sharma

That said: it’s not unusual that most successful personalities attribute their fortune to things like visualization, Yoga, and meditation. In essence, imagination can unravel your reality, your potential and the ability to plan the future. Ever wanted something so bad and it happened after a few years?

Well, it all owes to the indomitable power of imagination.

3. Consciously Observe Your Environment

Today, compared to 100 years ago, things are much easier. You can actually become an expert in any field without paying off hefty fees to a fancy educational institution. In fact, you can learn an entire course on YouTube. A good example is Elon Musk, a contemporary mogul-who literally taught himself space travel from scratch, thanks to the internet. Therefore, every time you turn on the TV or clasp your best friend’s hands, keenly listen and observe what’s happening. Pick up something from people’s words. You can learn from an 80-year old’s mistakes. More interestingly, you can dissect and emulate an 80-year old's mindset as a 20-year-old. Isn’t that time traveling?

Wrapping Up

To end off, it’s amazing how time traveling is an awe-inspiring idea. Of course, if you capitalize on these invaluable tools, you’ll have an easier time in life. Reading, imagination and conscious observation are the pathways to the secret world. It’s amazing how life’s mysteries are crammed in unusual places.

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  • Peter
    1y ago

    [email protected] ...yea time-traveling is amazing!! I really hope it will be possible someday. I'll be quick to check in on my 100-year-old self.

    [email protected] ...yea time-traveling is amazing!! I really hope it will be possible someday. I'll be quick to check in on my 100-year-old self.

  • WallFlower
    1y ago

    I love the idea of time travel!! Do you think it will be possible one day, at least traveling to the future @Peter? 

    I love the idea of time travel!! Do you think it will be possible one day, at least traveling to the future @Peter? 

Peter is a Freelance Writer, Blogger and Feature Writer. He's on an Infinite Mission to Refresh the World with Inspirational Ideas.

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