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5mo India Story
Vinita Karim is the most Inspiring Contemporary Indian Female Painter in 2019

Can you imagine capturing an entire city on the canvas? Yes, we can see it in Vinita Karim’s. Her spilling of vivid colors on the canvas replicates the original cityscape where you can merge your city in reality. She is the daughter of an IFS Officer Mr. Karim and her nomadic lifestyle primed her to paint out the forts of Malta, the city of Dhaka, the Mediterranean Sea. Her passion for the paintings usually turns the flamboyant cities into artwork. Vinita Karim Paintings plays with vibrant and harmonious colors such as deep reds, pure golden sky, festively colored buildings, and so on. You can easily watch out various cultures, traditions that reflect flawlessly in her artworks.

She incepted her art journey in the early 1990s and started with watercolors. Vinita Karim completely focused on nature, water bodies, balloons, animals, birds, boats etc. She totally stayed out from painting human figures. This brilliant artist depicted the beauty of Europe, and her surroundings with bright hues. Her ardent audience from Swiss savored her prismatic paintings and experienced a unique Indian touch in her works.

Vinita Karim was born in Myanmar, lived and worked throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Now, she resides between Delhi and Dhaka. She always anecdotes “My richly colored canvases are not just pretty pictures but they are living landscapes”. Here cityscapes are bustling, energized with activity, and teamed up with humanity. Though the viewer’s cannot see humans, still, they can feel they are there.

She depicted many artistic paintings out of which “The Sacred City” is bespoken. 

This painting is entirely based on her experience of Varanasi. When she visited Varanasi, had an opportunity to paint on a verandah failing to notice the Ghats. This colorful city is the inspiration of every artist. Every place in the city is soul touching.

Vinita Karim’s Personal Interest

This great artist uses a technique called “Impasto” and a palette knife is used for painting here. It brings almost a three-dimensional texture to the Ganges river in the painting. Acrylic, copper and gold on linen are used in this painting. “Oil” is her favorite medium though it takes longer time to dry out. She is much impressed with it because of its richness, softness and distinctiveness towards the work.

Vinita Karim Most Popular Paintings:

Safe heaven, Moon struck, The half-moon, The symmetry of water, Afternoon songs, Utopian dreams, Vermilion skies, Rhythm of the River, The Corniche, Emerald Island, Offshore, The Blue Nile, Discoveries of Gold, River Song, Garden of Eden I, and Twilight Mystery

Vinita Karim Inspirations:

Her 90s inspiration was Austrian artist Hundertwasser. She was jaw-struck with his colors usage and details. She loves Ram Kumar’s monochromatic canvases that detail the places visited. She is thrilled by his space usage.


From 1991 to 2018, Vinita conducted many solo shows.

Her recent shows are:

  • Now and Then: Contemporary Art Exhibition
  • Women in Art
  • Memories & Mindscapes

Presently, she is focusing on a new series of sculptures involving horses with wings and it is pointing a romanticized peek into Greek mythology. She considers the world as her playground. We can anticipate infinitely enriched Vinita Karim Paintings until she is armed with colors and an experimental mindset. There is no hesitation or differed opinion to accept that Vinita Karim is an inspiring contemporary Indian Female Painter… !

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