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Vibrant Festive Colors – the Auspicious Red, Green and Yellow Palette

The colorful and much awaited Indian festival season is round the corner. A line up of lovely festive occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dusshera, Karwa Chauth, Dhan Teras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj and more awaits us. 

We also celebrate many other festivals like Durga Pooja, Ram Navmi, Jain community’s major festival of Paryushan, Teej, Eid, Christmas, Guru Purab etc. – along with countless fasts, rituals, ceremonies and lunar calendar events like Kartik Poornima - during this time.

Time to Start Festival Preparations 

With such an awesome string of celebratory and sacred occasions, it sure pays to be prepared for this fun yet busy time. Add to it the annual wedding frenzy that goes full force too at this time of the year. So, you got to be ready with your festive closet – outfit options as well as gifts, accessories, stuff needed for pooja/ worship etc.  

What are your plans? Are you buying new dresses, sarees and salwar suits for festivals or will use the upcycled and restyled Lehengas and Kurtis ones from your existing wardrobe? What gift will you give to your mother in law for karwa chauth – and what Chaniya Cholis and Anarkalis have you planned to wear to Garba and Navratri events? Well, we all have tons of choices and planning checklists, but it helps if we are sorted about some common aspects – like colors. 

Right Colors for Festivals 

Zeroing on right outfits for festivals and gifts is a huge tasks – but it helps if you know some basics – like which colors are auspicious or good for such happy occasions, what kind of Indian colors are considered holy or sacred etc. 

Let’s talk about these colours, which will not only keep you radiant and cheery but will also pass the test of Indian auspiciousness or Shubh Rang – 

The Wedding Favorite - Red

One of the most loved colors in India – owing to its close connection with Ma Durga or the supreme Goddess Shakti – Red is a considered Shubh or holy for all kinds of positive situations. Considered a hue that signifies passion, zest and fire for life – red is closely connected to Indian weddings – and is used as it is or in combination with cream/ white (popularly in Bengali and Gujarati community), green (in Gharchola saree from Rajasthan and Gujarat) and other bright colors. 

Red’s entire color palette – that extends to Pinks, Magenta, Wine Red, Vermilion (the symbol of marriage in Hindus) – including peach, tangerines and orange – is considered appropriate for festivals and weddings. 

It’s, thus, safe and useful to choose red in any tint or shade for such events – or as gifts for brides, guests etc. The hue is also known to invite good luck and happy vibes – so it may also be chosen while picking home decoration and worship items. 

The Colour of Fertility – Green

One of the most important hues in the Indian festive armory is Green – vivid, bright & soothing. This cool hue is auspicious as it signifies growth, fertility, joy, success and more. Surely the universal color of envy is considered not so bad in the Indian context. 

Used avidly in combination with red and other wedding/ festival favorites, Green is also used alone – especially during Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi. Most Harvest Festivals – for obvious reasons – favor Green and its entire charming palette. 

Green Sarees are worn during many Maharastrian weddings and rituals – and they are also a popular choice of attire during pre-wedding festivals and festivals like Karw Chauth. 

Red and Green Combination

Considered very auspicious, this color combo is a favorite of many brides all across India. Gharchola saree used this color pair, and so does many popular South Indian sarees. Red and Green Kanjivaram Sarees are also very popular. 

Mustard Yellow, Orange and Related Colors

Other Indian festive favorites include the turmeric hues – which are considered the epitome of Hindu symbolisms. The fiery hues that are also earthy and grounded – the saffron, yellows and oranges signify courage, bravery, growth, rebellion – and the important elements of earth and fire. 

From the Haldi ceremony to Mehendi – you will also see these colors manifesting in various wedding functions of an Indian shaadi. And, needless to say they are integral in all Indian festivals – as gorgeous Silk Sarees or grand Navratri Lehengas or the quintessential Red Saree for the new bride, fasting for her husband. 

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