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Unable to Delete or Disable Your Gmail Account? What to Do.

Due to security or privacy concerns, Gmail users want to delete Google account permanently. The reason behind it is that they are now looking to avail services from webmail service providers that offer much security than Gmail. Though the services offered by these paid email service providers are bit costly but it offers users, a complete satisfaction as their email and data accumulated in the webmail server is secure. Due to advanced technology in webmail server that encrypt user’s email and data, people feel secure and work without any kind of anxiety that generally occur in their mind related to the threat of Gmail account hacking.

But thing is that many of the Google webmail users are not aware of the difference between deletion of Gmail account permanently or deactivation of Google email account on a temporary basis. Neither they are not aware regarding the procedure that needs to be implemented regarding how to delete Gmail account permanently. The core reason behind it is that they deactivate Gmail account temporarily and think that they have adopted the steps to delete Google email account permanently. But it’s not the truth. It’s because of their lack of expertise and knowledge, users are not able to disable or delete Google account. Users contact their friends as they are not aware of how to delete or disable Gmail account.

How to Disable or Delete Gmail Account?

Though, official Gmail Tech Support Phone Number is available on the internet for the convenience of the email users to disable or delete Google account but many of them are not able to find an authentic support helpline number launched by Google, since the inception of its webmail services in 2004. For the convenience of these users, Google Inc has revealed the process to disable Google webmail account permanently. At the time Gmail account is about to get deleted permanently, you or any other user needs to make sure that the specific email address gets off limit to everyone as well as no one in your contact list will be able to send the emails as all of them get bounced back in their inbox saying: “Undeliverable email address”. Make sure that you will not able to get registered with Gmail account again with the existing login id as it is truncated permanently by Google after Gmail account deletion and will not available to you or anyone to prevent identity theft issues.

Before looking to delete Google account permanently, all you need to make sure that the social networking website, webmail accounts, service subscription websites associated with this Gmail account address need to be modified and the new webmail account details need to be provided there.

Steps to Delete or Disable Gmail Account

Here are the steps to disable or delete Gmail account that can help you truncating Google account permanently.

  • Navigate to your Gmail account by providing correct login credential.
  • Once you are successfully logged in, go to My Account option.
  • Now find the option “ Account Preferences” and wait for new page to get displayed
  • Once the new web page appears, a sidebar menu is seen on the left of the device screen.
  • Go to Account preferences Menu and click on the link “Delete your account or services”
  • Once the option is clicked upon, a new page gets displayed on the screen with the heading

“Delete your account or services”.

  • Now navigate your mouse towards Delete product option and click on the same.
  • Upon doing this, a new screen appears with the empty box where your password needs to be provided for proceeding further to disable Gmail account on the permanent basis.
  • Once you provide the legitimate Gmail login password and click on continue button, a new screen is displayed with download data link to take backup of your data of the Google email account, which you want to delete for security purpose.
  • Once the download data link is clicked, you can save the format in your device to restore the same, when required to huge proximity.
  • Once the backup is taken successfully, a dustbin icon corresponding to Gmail option ought to be clicked to initiate the final step and to disable or delete Gmail account in such as easy manner.
  • Once the dustbin icon is clicked, a new screen will appear in which you need to provide a completely new Email address of any other webmail service provider to get verification link for Gmail account deletion.
  • Enter the same in the box and click on the button “ Send Verification Email” option
  • Now access the email account which was provided in the last step and check the inbox to find the email sent by Google Inc to confirm permanent disable or deletion of Gmail account from your end.
  • Upon accessing the email inbox, click on the message sent by Google and click on the link within the message.
  • Upon performing this action, a new popup window appears in which a declaration appears on the front of the screen when you are taking your final step to disable Gmail account for permanent basis.
  • Click on the box to give your authentication to the message.

Yes, I want to delete *******@Gmail account permanently from my Google account

  • Now click on the “Delete Gmail” button and wait for changes to take place.
  • Once things get validated successfully, a new message appears.

“Congratulation “You have now deleted Gmail from your Google accounts.”

Things to Remember before Implementing Steps to Delete Google Email Account

Before users look to delete Gmail account, all they need to remember is that Google account cannot be deleted for a particular time period and then can start availing Google email services after certain time period. This is completely a one-time process and deletes request once implemented by the user, cannot be revoked. Even if they contact official Gmail support helpline number, the Google email helpdesk experts are unable to recover or restore Gmail account as this disable Gmail account process cannot be revoked once the action is executed from your end.

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    Nice post thank you for sharing.

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  • AndrewBrown
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    Amazing information . thanks for sharing such an amazing article with us.

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