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Judith Davis
over 1 year New York, NY, United States Story
Women Authors Discuss Their New Book "Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur."

There are so many great organizations to bring women together. Since women play so many different roles in life, it is only fitting that we discuss how each role comes together to create a full and successful love.

Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. (WME) is a community platform for wives, moms, and the serial entrepreneur. WME's mission and purpose is to educate women on how to successfully juggle life as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. Creating balance and letting women know they can in fact have it all! WME continues to show women how with a strong sisterhood they can break barriers and face any obstacle they may be faced with.

WME is the brainchild of co-owners Lanise Herman-Thomas and Janine Smalls-Gueye. Two successful entrepreneurs who have been gearing WME up to be the world's leading women-supporting-women organization; educating, encouraging, and inspiring women all over to globe to want more and be successful at juggling their life roles.

Lanise Herman-Thomas, is an award-winning humanitarian who has a passion for elevating the welfare of others, especially the youth and women. She is driven by the success of the lives she impacts. In 2010 Herman Thomas earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, however, Herman-Thomas has over 18 experienced years in business, with an expertise in communications. Herman-Thomas is responsible for developing communication strategies that help advance WME efforts to catalyze broad impact through the sharing of effective ideas and practices. These strategies include publications, partnerships with membership organizations, web marketing, social media, media outreach and conferences. Herman-Thomas is responsible for ongoing customer/market research and demographic profiling to identify and capitalize on unmet market needs ahead of the curve.

Herman-Thomas is an ambassador for Surprise the Struggling, an on-going campaign that gives back to underprivileged women and girls. Herman-Thomas was previously the Chair, for United Women, Inc. Prior to her current role she was a Sales Manager for Libretto Holdings, managing and maintaining over 30 accounts at a time, establishing international accounts, and driving revenue up to the $100,000,000. Herman-Thomas is a wife, and a mom of two beautiful daughters.

Janine Smalls-Gueye considers herself a manufacturer of positive new life beginnings. Her philanthropic nature forces her to always think of how she can make a difference and positively impact or change someone's life. Smalls-Gueye has over 20 years in philanthropy and an equal amount of years in business. Her expertise is in business, specifically non-profit development. Smalls-Gueye is a trained accountant and education, social and community development specialist.

Smalls-Gueye graduate of Psychology in 2008 and later completing her Master's in Public Administration and Public Affairs with a concentration in Non-Profit Management. Having previously worked for Long Island University (LIU Brooklyn) where she got her first experience in a Directors role in youth development programs. There she managed budgets up to over $1,000,000.00, supervised over 13 staff persons, created programs, wrote grants, established internal and external partnerships, and maintained a program with over 150 participants. Smalls-Gueye also served on LIU's Advisory Board.

Smalls-Gueye is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. An ambassador for Surprise the Struggling, an on-going campaign that gives back to underprivileged women and girls. Smalls-Gueye is a wife, mother of four, and step-mom of two.

WME co-founders latest endeavor is the release of their soon to be best-seller "Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. - 23 Lessons and Tips to Juggling it. For more information about the book and organization, visit their website or stay in touch via social on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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