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Training Influences

People are gaining new knowledge and skills throughout their entire lives. This process is called training or learning. Even when a person does not realize it, he or she is obtaining new information and new skills every day. It is a process, which lasts from birth till death. It is, of course, more or less true for every single person, but, in general, it is right for every human being.

This essay will pay more attention to the conscious training processes, to educational processes, to which the majority of people dedicate special periods of time. As a rule, people are done with their education by the time they are 25 years old. However, there are those, who dedicate their entire lives to academic activities. Besides, taking into consideration the crazy rhythm of modern life, it is important to underline that many people have to acquire additional skills, even after they are done with their education. It means that they are in need of training services while they already work. It is no secret that it is not an easy task for a contemporary person who has a full-time job or runs a business to find time for attending courses or other training activities. It is why training and education have to become more and more flexible to meet the needs of people. This paper will focus on one of the trends, which make educational and training processes very flexible. It is, as they call it, m-learning or m-training.

In fact, there are two different ways, in which people see these trends. Some people are very optimistic about it. They strongly believe that m-training is the way to go, the major road, which will take the human kind to their bright and promising future. However, there are more skeptical people, who strongly believe that for the training process to remain effective, it needs to stay within its classical framework, with students actually attending classes and personally communicating to their tutors. The best that can be done is allowing some of the elements of electronic training, things like online conferences, when it is absolutely necessary, uploading works via Internet, or forums, which the students may use in order to discuss some of the issues, having to do with their studies.

In order to better understand the nature of the issue, it will be quite useful to look back into the history of m-learning. Some of the authors, among which is Wayne, tell about ‘Wireless Coyote’ project, which was an educational experiment undertaken in 1991 in order to see whether or not the education may be mobile. The experiment was a success. Singh and a number of other researchers underline that within the last decade m-learning has been rapidly growing and reached the size of numerous huge projects all over the world.

Here are just a few peculiarities of m-training, which make it more and more popular among people all over the world. First of all, and this circumstance may not be neglected, m-training offers the students a much more engaging, much more interactive and interesting way of obtaining knowledge or information. It is quite clear that the more interesting and more attractive way of learning is, automatically, a more effective one. Due to the flexibility of m-learning, students are capable of finding out more about their own abilities, their talents and about the possible ways of applying their talents and developing them.

M-training gives a person the possibility to take part in group learning when a student is separated from the group by a large distance. It also opens wide horizons before people who would not otherwise be capable of attending lectures of a famous professor – such are available now, both in records and as online lectures and webinars. Now a student does not have to give up everything for a week only to travel to the other part of the world and attend an interesting lecture. For the lecture itself, it is enough to have some free time, an hour or two, and to make sure the mobile device is charged. Everything else is not a problem.

One more very important characteristic of m-training is that this sort of educational practice is much cheaper than the traditional one. A person needs nothing but an average mobile device, such as a tablet PC or laptop, and that is all the equipment needed. In some cases, m-learning programs are free of charge, while sometimes they cost some money, but the fee is much smaller than such for traditional lectures It is quite understandable as there is no need to rent huge conference halls, pay traveling expenses tutors and so on. Meanwhile, m-training resolves another very serious problem. Nowadays, especially in large cities, many students are chronically late for their classes. It happens due to heavy traffic on the streets of cities. With m-learning it is not an issue anymore.

Meanwhile, despite all these advantages of m-learning, there are certain disadvantages to be mentioned as well. Crescente and Lee underline that a student using m-learning as a primary source of education has higher chances of being distracted by various factors, which he is more or less isolated from when going to a traditional university.

Though m-training is quickly and surely being implemented into the educational process, especially in the developed countries, there are many specialists, according to Zemsky & Massy, who believe that there should be much more done and less spoken. It is important to adjust educational systems to the modern realities and the needs of students. Meanwhile, specialists, who specialize in m-training, do too much of speaking describing beautiful perspectives, which are open before the followers of m-learning, while this time would be much better applied for developing new workouts in that very field.

In any case, it is quite obvious that m-training is the trend of the modern era and no doubt that it is the trend of the future. Therefore, due to the fact that this trend is dynamically developing, it needs to remain within the focus of scientific research and should be subject to a much more fundamental research or even a number of researches, remaining one of the most attractive fields for the researchers, who dedicate their scientific interest to the subjects of education and training.

About the author

Ramona Brekke is a happy wife and mom and a self-motivated professional editor at resume writing service which helps job seekers cope with their career challenges. She always wanted to become a writer and worked a lot to achieve this goal.  

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I am a happy wife and mom and a self-motivated professional editor at - resume writing service which helps job seekers cope with their career challenges. I always wanted to become a writer and I worked a lot to achieve this goal. Now I'm proud of working here because our company [...]

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