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Anees Khan
Anees Khan Digital Marketing Expert
6mo Story
Track Your Meals on the Wheels

The Indian Railway System has made a great initiative to provide the food to the passengers during their journey. The high quality food is easily available at very affordable prices for convenience of the passengers. The Food on Track Mobile App of E-catering IRCTC assures healthy and hygienic food by IRCTC. The passengers just need to contact the IRCTC Vendors by the means of smart phones or by making calls to them. The food is available at reasonable rates and is properly packed by the caterers. The travelers now do not have to bother to carry food while traveling to long distance.

Fresh Food Just with a Click Away  

This new app by IRCTC is certainly exciting as it allows the passengers to order fresh food just with a click of a button. The passengers can select their station, chose the food of their choice and order for it as per their requirement. Ones the order is placed it is the responsibility of the vendors to provide the fresh food to the passengers timely. The Travel Food Services are excellent in one and many ways as it not just offers fresh and hot food to the passengers but it also assures good quality of food.

Gaining Quick Popularity

The Food on Track Mobile App of E-catering IRCTC is a wonderful app and it is quickly gaining popularity. The passengers are extremely satisfied with the services being offered to the vendors and they are happy to get the food of their choice in the train. It has been successful in capturing the hearts of the people as it caters the needs of all the passengers from a child to the elderly everyone can get the food of their choice. Special arrangements are made for the people who prefer to have diet food or low calories food.

How to Use the IRCTC App

The Food on Track Mobile App of E-catering is very easy to use as it has tie ups with several restaurants on the major route of the long distance road. The site keeps tracking the running status of the train and ensures timely and prompt delivery of the hygienically packed fresh food. The users just have to order for the food of their choice, enter the PNR number, timings, and select the station at which they want to receive the delivery of the food parcel. Special discounts are also being offered by the train service on the orders amounting to 2000 Rs and above. The Travel Food Services are therefore safe and healthy choice of food that one would like to order while travelling.

Special Offers Given Via App  

The Food on Track Mobile App of E-catering IRCTC also gives the passengers amazing offers if the food is ordered in bulk for the tour of pilgrims, wedding lunch, or dinner, students on educational tours etc. This is an excellent way to get healthy, nutritious, and quality foods to the passengers.

The Benefits of the App

The Food on Track Mobile App of E-catering IRCTC is a boon for the passengers in many ways. It just not makes their journey interesting and hassle free but also get quality food. The passengers get an opportunity to make choice from the wide range of available food items. The Food on Track Mobile App of E-catering IRCTC gives the buyers to order from different cuisines like South Indian delicacies, North Indian food, Continental, Chinese, Mughlai, Vegetarian snacks and much more. The passengers thus get the chance to order their favorite food at reasonable prices.  

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Anees Khan
Digital Marketing Expert

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