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Allison Whitfield 95
Allison Whitfield 95 Allison Cherise Whitfield
2y Atlanta, GA Story
Tortured Textures of Thought

We spend so much time being angry and sad

Shocked and disgusted, Indignant and mad

Wondering when will this mania abate

When will we finally put down this hate

Why are we glued to the pictures we see

The blood, the distruction, the violence, the plea

Of our brothers and sisters caught in between

The noose of oppression, the vile, the obscene

Why do we revel in muck and in mud

Almost enjoying these visions in blood

Sharing the images, discussing the foul

Shouting from rooftops our faces a scowl

We loathe how our neighbors are brutally treated

We of course never would ever repeat it

We are above this offensive delight

Yet we share and discuss and prolong with each byte

Why not discover a contrasting view

A separate discrete and dissimilar hue

A portrait lacking in pain and distress

A light in the darkness, a gentle caress

Why not delight in a beautiful world

Where color and clarity and kittens are curled

In fetal positions to share in the love

Of a mother whose warmth will take flight like a dove

As long as we drown in these videos of fury

And limit our minds to the blame of the jury

We stay within walls of illusion and gloom

And stay on this path to our ultimate doom

The path put in place by a powerful few

To keep us distracted and finish a coup

The plan is to capture and stifle our dreams

To keep and control, and so far it would seem

The whole world has struggled and fallen in line

Marched to a drumbeat, a hopeless design

With minds wiped clean with the shocking display

Of emotional visions of blood and dismay

Our Iphones and Androids and Tablets and things

Keep our minds glued to a vision that brings

Chaos, confusion, disorder upheaval

Participation in a world filled with evil

Is this what we really and truthfully want

To be mesmerized and blinded, a hidden savant

Or do we want calmness, composure and ease

A lighthouse to guide us from cold stormy seas

That lighthouse will never be seen from afar

As long as we turn a blind eye to that star

That guides from within our own spiritual souls

That speaks only truth, and truly consoles

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Allison Whitfield 95
Allison Cherise Whitfield

Allison C Whitfield, author of "The Shelter of the Shade Tree", is a Freelance writer who creates articles describing the unconventional for those who wish to explore new ideas and new challenges. She has had 30 + years of experience in Office Administration and Customer Service. She is also a [...]

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