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canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
11mo Story
Top 7 Can We Talk? Post Of 2016

 It's the last Tuesday of the month and the year, a year that we'd probably tag as #WasteMyTime2016! *inhale and exhale*Don't give up hope! We've made it this far, and it hasn't been all bad, if you think hard enough--great things happened this year, people rose up to the occasion, people fought and became allies to those around them, new platforms were started, and I bet, in one way or another, you found out how amazing you are/could be.  To end the year, we decided to post listicles and stories that explain "how far we've come." 

To say goodbye to 2016, we're taking a stroll down Can We Talk? memory lane. We've compiled a list of the most shared and viewed Can We Talk? Post from this year, before we begin, just want to say, thank you to everyone whose: Read, Liked, Commented, and Shared each and every one of our stories...Ok, here are the TOP 7 Can We Talk? Post of 2016 

7. Connecting the dots: Teen Pregnancy and Music

Did you know: The U.S. teen pregnancy rate is substantially higher than in other western industrialized nations, and racial/ethnic and geographic disparities in teen birth rates persist. 

Exploring the connection between Madonna's Papa Don't Preach and Tupac's Brenda's Having A Baby--both songs dealt with teen pregnancy, but on two different levels explaining how the lack access to information and community involvement play a huge role in the lives of teens today. 

6. Embrace who you are and don't sweat the small stuff

" Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes other's uncomfortable"-Janelle Monae

Whether it's embracing your sexuality, body image, and everything in between-- In a world where we're forced to place our own self-worth/love on the backburner--this post tells us that: ACCEPTANCE DOES NOT MEAN APPROVAL. You don’t NEED someone else’s approval to validate you. 

5. Let's Talk about HPV

*Raises Hand* What the Heck is an HPV?

HPV was one of those "trendy" words back in college, everyone knew the name, but we weren't sure what exactly HPV is/was and how we could treat it. Education and Access to Information are key!

4.Abortion Rights and Safety In The 21st Century

In the 21st century, women and teens are still using unsafe methods of abortion.

Why is Abortion Safety still an issue today: Because of the lack of access, regulations, and many other stipulations--the practice of unsafe and illegal abortion still plague many countries. This year at least, we've seen more and more organizations and individuals willing to fight and educate on the need for safe and legal abortions.

3.Pr3vate Parts and Other Hygiene Tips

"How well do you know your body--specifically, your vagina?"

Excerpt: I've been taking care of my vagina for 26 years, we're close, we understand each other (at least I hope so), we've been through good times and bad times, so I know when something's wrong, but that took a lot of mishaps, googling, and years of experience: It's never too late or early to learn about *upkeep down there*

2. Domestic Violence and Rape Culture Brought To You By........

Watching Thai Lakorns made me realize how much we "ROMANTICIZE ABUSE/RAPE", and continue to shame victims/survivors

Film/Movies/Books can shape our perception of life and vice verse, but what happens when we realize our behavior as a society has resulted in toxic relationships and a skewed view what it means to be a man/woman in today's society. 

1. I Dream Of Angel and Buffy and Other Relationship Lessons

Buffy and Angels forbidden and ansyt romance may or may not be #relationshipgoals

Whether you making up, breaking up, or even in that *do I like you stage* Buffy and Angels three season relationship lessons are something not out of the ordinary (even if their love was out of this world). Learning to love, respect, compromise, and being who you are is all part of growing up and being in a relationship.

Congratulations, we've reached the end of our list!

When we started this blog, we were two girls just trying to re-educate ourselves on all the things sex and sexual health education. It's been 8 months and some days and we're still here---Thank You, Mogul and Thank Everyone who's given us love, support, and everything in between.

Okay, let's end this thing---Here are two of our favorite post 1. Sexuality 101: The Teachings Of Missy Elliott and our post on the Female Condom: Are Female Condoms a Myth and Other Questions. Both posts spoke expressed and embraced female sexuality, breaking the taboo sexual health *especially women* and owning what you've got, as well as, being who you are and of course doing you, boo!  Thank you once again and look out for more interesting post this week!

Can We Talk? News Corner(click image)

*Check out our final Weekly Read* #WrapUp Edition from Why We Blog about to Sex Ed and More

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Can We Talk: Sexual Health

Breaking down sexual health barriers by speaking on taboo topics and providing you with credible resources and personal stories.

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