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mwg73 Madison
7mo Story
Top 5 Hardest 161 Things to do

1. (#21) Bury a bottle of Bacardi on the Slope. Dig it up on Slope Day.

Odds are there will be way to many people to even get where you put it

2. (#16) Wear flip-flops to class in January

Why would you want to do this!?!

3. (#24) Flirt with your professor

This just seems like a hard thing to be successful at...

4. (#122) Go on a road trip to Canada, flirt with the border patrol, smuggle booze back


I would prefer to be able to come back to Cornell

5. (#123) Try to order pizza from a Blue Light phone

 Odds are you're near CTP anyway, and you don't have to chance getting a JA!

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