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5mo New York, NY, United States Story
Mogul's Top 100 Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion in 2017

Mogul is honored to recognize the Top Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion in 2017. Those mentioned have made, and continue to make, enormous strides in hiring a diverse talent, creating welcoming environments and communities for employees and contributing to society in meaningful ways. 

The Top 100 were determined through weighted scoring, taking into account minority representation in top leadership roles, support and resources for employees, and social contribution within each organization. 


  1. PepsiCo, Prisca Bae
    Led by CEO Indra K. Nooyi and nine other female executives, PepsiCo continues to make strides in diversity and inclusion through its eleven employee groups such as Valor, the resource group for veterans and their families, and the Women’s Inclusion Network. Additionally, the PepsiCo foundation has provided over 25 million people access to clean drinking water since 2006.
  2. Fidelity Investments, John Basile
    In October 2015, Fidelity launched its Asset Management High School Summit, a one-day summit aimed at giving young women early exposure to career opportunities in the financial services industry. Fidelity has six Employee Resource Groups, created to enhance the understanding of diversity in the workplace and to enhance the company's environment of mutual respect.
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  3. IBM, Heather Howell
    Pioneered by President and CEO Virginia Rometty, IBM continues to be one of the leading companies in diversity and inclusion in both the workplace and the global community. In a recent partnership with Girls Who Code, IBM sponsored summer programs throughout the country that teach young girls how to use Watson API and BlueMix while giving them one-on-one mentorship from leading female IBM executives and employees.
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  4. Accenture, Nellie Borrero, Micki Solomon
    Accenture’s #InclusionStartsWithI initiative began a discussion around the importance of a positive, inclusive work environment and has encouraged people globally to continue the movement by pledging their personal commitment to inclusion. Additionally, Accenture has set a goal to achieve a gender-balanced workforce globally (50% women and 50% men) by 2025, as well as grow the percentage of women managing directors globally to 25% by 2020.
  5. Intel, Barbara Whye
    Committed to increasing diversity in tech, Intel has set a goal to achieve full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in the U.S. by 2020. In order to achieve this goal, Intel recently announced a $300 million investment in a Diversity in Technology dedicated to increasing workplace diversity by increasing the number of employees who come from minority background and encouraging more women to pursue careers in tech.  
  6. Stanley Black & Decker, Katie Riley
    With advisory boards for African Americans, Veterans, Developing Professionals, and Women, along with a Diversity Advisory Board, Stanley Black & Decker continues to set the standard in diversity and inclusion. Stanley Black & Decker has also provided over 247,000 volunteers for rebuilding efforts after natural disasters, also equipping them with their tools.
    See open jobs at Stanley Black & Decker
  7. Unilever, Leena Nair
    Unilever works with women in the workforce to help build the confidence needed to navigate a biased world; they also work with men to increase their understanding that a balanced workplace is good for them and for business. Unilever works across their entire organization to ensure they are building a corporate culture in which women and men can thrive together.
  8. Schneider Electric, Dina Yorke
    In early March, as a kickoff for International Women’s Day, Schneider Electric
    welcomed 100 girls in junior high, high school, and university to their HIVE (Hall of Innovation and Energy Showcase) to address stereotypes about women in the technological and industrial industries and promote initiatives to bridge the gender gap in these fields. Schneider Electric also introduced the global family leave policy so that all employees can manage their unique life and work.
  9. Amazon Prime Now, Siobhan Neilland
    Neilland founded, a UN Consultative nonprofit that brings maternal care, health and family services, as well as economic sustainability to women and their families in rural African communities where people survive on under $1.25 a day. She is also the lead recruiter for Amazon Prime Now. The Prime Now leadership team started as almost entirely female, and nearly sixty-percent of all Amazon Prime Now’s tech teams are women.
    See open jobs at Amazon Prime Now
  10. NIKE, Antoine Andrews
    Committed to providing equal opportunities in the global community, Nike has given over $5 million in scholarship funding to Oregon schools. Through their recent Equality campaign, Nike has launched exclusive collections promoting equality in the community and support for minority groups. The Equality campaign is also partnered with organizations such as The National Mentoring Partnership and PeacePlayer International, supporting organizations working to provide equal opportunities to those of all backgrounds and unite divided communities.
    See open jobs at NIKE
  11. Visa, Jolen Anderson
    Visa holds a Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Summit that inspires their leaders to create diverse and inclusive action plans within their regions. Separately, Visa holds a People of Color Summit to advance minority talent and enable dialogue around key issues.  
  12. Mars, Michelle Thomas
    In 2016, Mars was named as one of the Best Workplaces for Diversity and was listed on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2017 Corporate Equality Index. Mars has women in over 40% of their managerial positions and provides mentoring circles like the Women of Mars Associate Network to give Associates a chance to meet and share advice.
  13. TELUS International, Pamela Rodas
    TELUS hosts an annual TELUS Day of Giving, in which locations across the globe commit a full day of service to their local communities. Over 40,000 volunteers have given aid to more than 70,000 people around the world within the past decade. TELUS International also has a groundbreaking Inclusion Program for the Hearing Impaired in Guatemala, providing equal opportunities for those who are hearing impaired and creating a more diverse workplace.  
  14. Ernst & Young, Karyn Twaronite
    EY’s Americas Inclusiveness Team maintains an environment that respects and builds on the assets and talents of each person, valuing ethnic diversity, gender, sexual orientation and physical abilities. Additionally, EY’s Leadership Matters program increases the inclusive leadership skills of employees and inspires commitment to practice inclusive leadership at the personal, team and organizational levels.
  15. Southwest Airlines, Ellen Torbert
    Southwest Airlines prides themselves on having a modern and multifaceted workforce - their network is comprised of employees representing a variety of backgrounds whose individual experience help dictate their culture. Southwest has a Diversity Council and has dedicated outreach for the LGBT, Hispanic, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander communities.
  16. Salesforce, Molly Ford, Jennifer Johnston, Lyla Sultan, Annie Vincent
    Five of Salesforce’s head executives are women, and three of the twelve members of the Board of Directors are women as well. Inspired by the close-knit Hawaiian community, Salesforce has nine Ohana groups that celebrate and encourage diversity in the workplace. Examples of Ohana groups are asiapacforce, the Ohana group for the Asian Pacific community, and outforce, the Ohana group for the LGBT Community.
  17. T-Mobile, Holli Martinez
    Sixty-two percent of T-Mobile's employees are minorities and forty-two percent are women. Employee Networks include the Access for Disabilities Network, Military Honor & Support Community, Multicultural Network, Multigenerational Network, Pride & Allies Network and Women's Leadership Network.
    See open jobs at T-Mobile
  18. Xerox, Beverly Stallings-Johnson
    There are currently five women serving as Xerox Corporate Officers, and fifty-one
    percent of Xerox’s employees are female. Xerox currently gives over 100 scholarships to minority students interested in STEM and actively recruits veterans through taking part in various government initiatives such as the White House Joining Forces Initiative.
  19. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Maureen Cahill
    Ten of the twenty-eight members on Blue Cross Blue Shield’s leadership team are women. In 2016, Blue Cross Blue Shield employees donated over $11 million and 400,000 volunteer hours towards charitable efforts and community outreach.
  20. TMP Worldwide, Ron Owens, Melina Garda
    Under the direction of CEO Michelle Abbey, TMP Worldwide continues to increase their community outreach, supporting organizations such as Meals on Wheels and raising awareness for causes such as Multiple Sclerosis and Type One Diabetes. Since the appointment of Ron Owen, TMP Worldwide’s first Vice President in Diversity & Inclusion, they have been able to provide companies across the globe with effective solutions to attracting and hiring the most diverse pool of employees.
    See open jobs at TMP Worldwide
  21. Bank of America, Cynthia Bowman
    Women and/or racially diverse leaders make up more than 40% of Bank of America’s independent board of directors and 50% of its leadership team, and its global workforce is more than 50% female and U.S. workforce is more than 40% racially or ethnically diverse. Beyond the numbers, this commitment to a diverse and inclusive work environment has led Bank of America to ensure diversity and inclusion is built into every process and program, including courageous conversations which encourages ongoing education and awareness to foster deeper learning and understanding among its employees. More than 60,000 employees have be reached through courageous conversations.
  22. Marriott International, Jenna Boyer
    With seven women in executive leadership positions, Marriott International has one of the most diverse executive leadership councils in the hospitality industry. Marriott recently expanded their community outreach and diversity efforts overseas, providing underprivileged youth in Mexico and Brazil with professional and life skills. Additionally, lasting partnerships with over thirty diversity organizations have allowed Marriott to expand efforts in diversity and inclusion alongside other leading organizations.
  23. PwC, Mike Dillon
    PwC is a UN Women HeForShe Corporate Impact Champion; they are committed to promoting gender equality in their network of firms and the communities in which they operate. PwC and UN Women launched the “Building Gender IQ” online course, which educates people around the world on the barriers to global gender equality and encourages them to take action for a more equal world.
  24. Colgate-Palmolive Co., Eugene Kelly
    Colgate-Palmolive supports and promotes the creation and participation of Employee Network Groups. These groups help create an inclusive and caring work environment, and include the Asian Heritage Group, Black Action Committee, Diversity Councils, Hispanic Action Network, and the Colgate Women’s Network.
  25. Johnson & Johnson, Wanda Bryant Hope
    Nearly 40% of Johnson & Johnson’s leadership team are women. Devoted to diversifying the STEM field, Johnson & Johnson has been sponsoring the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program (SMDP), a one-year mentorship program pairing ethnically diverse students in STEM with mentors from all areas of discipline. Johnson & Johnson currently has eleven Employee Resource Groups, representing minority groups such as South Asians, those with disabilities, and millennials.
  26. MongoDB, Kirsten Rowland
    Dedicated to serving the community, MongoDB partners with CSNYC to give students access to computing at an earlier stage in their academic career. Through a partnership with Bright Funds, MongoDB employees are also able to donate to a charitable organization of their choosing right from their paycheck.
    See open jobs at MongoDB
  27. Hearst TV, Katherine Barnett
    There are currently five women on Hearst TV’s leadership team of twelve. Through strong partnerships with leading organizations such as the Emma L. Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media and the Asian American Journalists’ Association, Hearst TV has been able to garner talent and provide equal opportunities for those of all backgrounds.
  28. AT&T, Jennifer Gamboa-Haker, Avalyn Jackson
    AT&T currently supports twelve Employee Resource Groups and twelve Employee Networks, with over 130,000 combined memberships. The nonprofit ERGs provide support, advocacy, education and mentoring, and the ENs focus on specific business and professional development issues and welcome all to join. AT&T has strong relationships with Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities and actively recruits college graduates with disabilities.
  29. Comcast, Maria Arias
    Nearly one-third of all of Comcast’s executives are women, and roughly forty-percent of executives at the global headquarters are women. There are eight Employee Resource Groups such as the Young Professionals Network and Black Employee Network that provide employees with peers and mentors who foster an inclusive and diverse work environment.
  30. Danone North America, Meg Sahagian
    One-third of the members on Danone’s Executive Committee are women.
    Proud supporters of a healthy work-life balance, Danone provides a six month maternity leave for employees. They also sponsor a company-wide football competition every two years.
    See open jobs at Danone North America
  31. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Alan Nevel
    Thermo Fisher’s Employee Resource Groups include Latino Hispanic Heritage, African Heritage, Millennials, Veterans, Women, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies and PossAbilities. The Thermo Fisher Foundation for Science focuses on providing financial, in-kind and volunteer support to promote STEM education and inspires students to pursue careers in those critical areas.
  32. Clorox Co., Erby Foster
    Clorox Co. has supported Employee Resource Groups for over ten years, consisting
    of over 2,000 members and allies to date. Examples of current ERGs are Multicultural, Latinos ERG Hola and Womens ERG SHOW. Since 1980, the Clorox Company Foundation has provided over $100 million towards public education efforts and nonprofit organizations.
  33. Kroger, Reuben Shaffer
    There are currently four women in senior management positions at Kroger. Kroger has ten Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) at their headquarters, representing minority groups such as LGBT and Allies, those with disabilities, and Hispanics and Latinos.
  34. Caterpillar Inc., Kelly Wojda, Jennifer Madeley
    Caterpillar’s Women in Leadership initiative encourages global changes in staff and executive talent, with three main areas of focus being: Sponsorship, Pipeline (fair access to career development and leadership opportunities) and Culture, with their Women’s Initiative Network as one example. Caterpillar has thirteen Employee Resource Groups, including the Young Professionals of Caterpillar and Armed Forces Support Network.
  35. Viacom, Marva Smalls
    Viacom’s Employee Resource Groups include support for African Americans, Latino and Hispanic employees, Asian American professionals, LGBTA employees, next generation leaders, women, and working parents. Viacom’s latest initiative LISTEN addresses the national drug addiction by offering support and eliminating blame, shame and stigma by sharing the stories of those affected by addiction.
  36. Apple, Denise Young Smith, Hilary Morran, Noria Bonte Yallaoui
    Apple’s recent hires are more diverse than their current employees, with 54% new US hires being minorities. Additionally, Apple is part of the ConnectED initiative and pledged $100 million of teaching and learning solutions to underserved schools.
  37. Charles Schwab, Deloria Nelson
    Charles Schwab has built strong relationships with organizations representing diverse communities, including Arizona Women's Leadership Forum, TIED (Talent Inclusion Engagement Diversity Leadership Roundtable) and Urban League Young Professionals. Currently Schwab has over 60 Employee Resource Group chapters with more than 25% of Schwab employees belonging to at least one.
  38. Twitter, Monique Ellison
    Twitter Alas (@TwitterAlas), a group built to empower Latino employees, recently focused on supporting a new generation of Latinas working in tech. Twitter’s LGBTQ and women’s groups help host the Lesbians Who Tech San Francisco Summit, and Twitter hosts a biannual, company-wide day of service called #FridayForGood.
  39. Airbus, Susan Breton, Suzanne Lewis
    Airbus’ commitment to the UN Goals includes quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, responsible consumption and production, climate action, peace, justice and strong institutions and partnerships for the goals. Airbus' Balance for Business initiative was developed to improve gender balance and improve recognition and development of female employees.  
  40. eBay, Damien Hooper-Campbell
    eBay’s Communities of Inclusion provide a safe space for employees, promote a culture of belonging and focus on age, disability status, ethnicity, gender, religion, military status, parental status, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. Some of eBay’s focus areas include finding millennial talent in Israel, tackling cultural hierarchy in Korea and creating messaging inclusion in India.
    See open jobs at eBay
  41. StubHub, Orit Ziv
    The StubHub charitable foundation has dedicated more than $4 million to global initiatives; through the Rising Stars non-profit recognition program, StubHub supports grassroots non-profits that are focused on expanding access and opportunity for at-risk youth through sports, music and performing arts education programs.
    See open jobs at StubHub
  42. Meijer, Cecil Brown
    Meijer’s events and activities to support diversity include: The Inforum Center for Leadership for women with the talent and drive to assume more senior roles, NextUP,  a development program for women early in their careers, International Women’s Day, Black Women Connect for African American women to connect both professionally and personally, and Michigan Governor’s Hidden Talent Tour for Hiring Individuals with Disability.
  43. Western Union, Laurie Shumake
    The Western Union Foundation supports education and disaster relief efforts, contributing over $102 million to more than 2,500 nongovernmental organizations in 137 countries and territories since 2011. Western Union’s Chain of Betters initiative have funded several projects including the support of girls pursuing STEM studies.
    See open jobs at Western Union
  44. Eli Lilly and Co., Monique Hunt McWilliams
    Over the years, Eli Lilly has made it their goal to continually improve and enhance their diversity programs and opportunities. Programs such as the female leadership diversity strategy are critical to building strong female leaders and an engaged female workforce around the world. Women hold 36% of Lilly’s manager and executive positions, as well as one-third of their Board of Directors.
  45. Cox Communications
    Cox Communications is committed to having a diverse workforce and demonstrating their commitment to diversity through their Employees, Communities, Customers, Suppliers and Partnerships. Diversity councils and employee resource groups are available across all of Cox Communications. These employee-led groups provide an informal forum to enhance engagement, drive business performance, and deliver relevant products and services to their customers.
    See open jobs at Cox Communications
  46. Dell, Amy Winebright, Jennifer Newbill, Pamela Hennard
    Dell’s employee resource groups provide professional development through mentoring, volunteerism and community involvement and include the Black Networking Alliance, Caregivers and Women in Action, to name a few. Dell's diversity and inclusion strategy is built on three focus areas: creating a workplace that is inclusive of all differences, cultivating external marketplace relationships with diverse communities and organizations, and growing a diverse workforce.
    See open jobs at Dell
  47. Memorial Sloan Kettering, George Walker
    MSK’s current Employee Resource Networks include: ABLE (Abolishing Barriers and Limitations for Everyone), BLAM! (Black, Latino, Asian and Multiracial Network), LGBT, MWM (MSK Women on the Move) and VETERaN. MSK’s Community Programs and Services provide support to the surrounding community, medically underserved and minority populations, and includes access to cancer information, prevention, care, and treatment, among other services.
  48. Goldman Sachs, Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri
    Goldman Sachs offers development programs to employees, including diversity training and awareness building. Goldman Sachs also supports over 80 affinity networks globally, allowing employees to share feedback, develop professional relationships and identify opportunities for advancement.
  49. Asana, Sonja Gittens-Ottley
    Asana constantly iterates upon their diversity efforts by implementing diversity and inclusion practices in their hiring and culture building processes. They provide learning talks, conscious leadership training, employee resource groups, and host ad hoc discussions for employees that need a safe space. Asana’s leadership recognizes how important these initiatives are to the core of their business.
  50. Cigna, David Figliuzzi
    In order to support their communities through investments, philanthropy and volunteerism, Cigna is partnered with the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association and the National Association of Hispanic MBAs. The four teams Cigna has created to develop a healthy workplace include the Enterprise Leadership Council, Advisory Steering Committee, Business Leadership Councils and Colleague Resource Groups.
  51. Lyft, Tariq Meyers
    Through partnerships with organizations such as Lesbians Who Tech and the Society of Black Engineers, Lyft has been able to attract talent from historically underrepresented groups. Employee Resource Groups such as UpLyft Veterans and Uplyft Women also provide Lyft employees with a strong support network and mentorship from the executive team.
  52. Micron Technology, Dawn Hutchison, Derek Carter, Michelle Burks
    Micron supports their employees in a number of ways, including through Employee Resource Groups, Parent Resources, Gender Transition Support and Team Member Guidance Resources. The Micron Foundation promotes science, technology, engineering and math education through Student Programs and supports the community with volunteering through Community Programs.
  53. Sodexo, Chloé Rada
    At Sodexo, diversity and inclusion are grounded into their core values of team spirit and the spirit of service and progress. Due to their numerous diversity and inclusion efforts, Sodexo is consistently recognized as a best place to work for minorities, women, veterans, people with disabilities and the LGBT community.
    See open jobs at Sodexo
  54. Electronic Arts, David Kim, Joy Peña
    Inclusion @EA is an employee training program that explores and identifies unconscious biases and teaches how to be more inclusive through language and behaviors. EA’s three Outreach Pillars are Education, Inclusion and EA Community.
    See open jobs at Electronic Arts
  55. Mayo Clinic, The Mayo Clinic Office of Diversity & Inclusion
    Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to integrated clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, whole-person care to everyone who needs healing. The Mayo Clinic abides by values that are an expression of the vision and intent of their founders, the original Mayo physicians and the Sisters of Saint Francis: Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Healing, Teamwork, Innovation, Excellence, and Stewardship.
  56. Prudential Financial, Jim Viris
    Prudential has been sponsoring Business Resource Groups (BRGs) since 1993; current BRGs include: Abled & Disabled Associates Partnering Together (ADAPT), Asian/Pacific Islander American Association (APAA), Black Leadership Forum (BLF), Employee Association of Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals & Transgenders (EAGLES), Hispanic Heritage Network (HHN), and Prudential Military Veteran's Network (VETnet). Business Diversity Outreach, a branch of Prudential's Community Resources Department, connects Prudential employees directly with communities whose needs are often marginalized-including African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, and women.
  57. The Home Depot, Beatriz Rodriguez
    The Home Depot is dedicated to diversity partnerships that facilitate hiring, retaining and growing diverse talent, and therefore partner with community-based organizations such as the NSH (National Society of Hispanics), NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) and NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Team Depot is The Home Depot’s volunteer force, working to improve the lives of U.S. military veterans and aid communities affected by natural disasters.
  58. BlackRock, Tamisha Chestnut
    BlackRock’s Employee Programs include The BlackRock Founders Scholarship, The Women’s Leadership Forum, Find Your Future Forum and The Multicultural Talent Development Initiative. The Employee Networks enable diverse employees to connect with one another and include the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN), the OUT Network and the MultiCultural Network.
  59. CA Technologies, Rachel Duran
    CA Technologies empowers girls to explore a future in technology by investing in the stages of the STEM education pipeline. Tech Girls Rock, a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment, inspires tween and teen girls to discover an interest in tech-related education and careers, with the goal of boosting the number of women in the technology workforce.
  60. TaskUs, Isabel Bernal, Emma Guevarra
    Through the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) organization, TaskUs supports the next generation of young entrepreneurs in underserved communities by  providing programs in business skills training and personal development, to name a few. The “TaskUs Gives Back!” program provides sustainable solutions to social challenges, lets employees identify with the public, and supports local initiatives such as enriching the lives of orphans, through activities, medical, and learning programs.
    See open jobs at TaskUs
  61. Yext, Brian Schipper
    Yext’s employee resource group EMBRACE, whose mission is to build Yext as a lighthouse company for racial diversity, holds regular events to celebrate diversity and inclusion. Recently, EMBRACE hosted a summer block party with a YextTalks featuring Sony Music Executive, Jeffrey James, a fireside chat let by EMBRACE’s Vern Tremble and provided Yext employees the opportunity to sign up as bone marrow donors through Be the Match.
    See open jobs at Yext
  62. HubSpot, Katie Burke
    Two women currently serve on Hubspot’s Executive Management team. HubSpot
    has four Employee Resource Groups, supporting groups such as Parents, LGBTQ+, and People of Color. Throughout the year, Hubspot also sponsors programs such as Bring Your Kids to Work Day and First Gens in Tech to promote diversity in the global community.
  63. United States Olympic Committee, Jason Thompson
    The Employing People with Disabilities Summit unites workforce diversity and inclusion by offering innovative business solutions for recruiting, training and retaining employees with disabilities. Attendees have the opportunity to interact with the top U.S. Paralympic athletes and industry leaders from the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic family. Finding Leaders Among Minorities Everywhere (FLAME) is a program that provides diverse college and graduate-level students the opportunity to participate in personal and professional development workshops in preparation for a career in sports.
    See open jobs at the United States Olympic Committee
  64. Office Depot, Jennifer Harrold
    The Office Depot’s Supplier Diversity Program offers exceptional product choices at affordable prices to Minority-Owned Businesses (MBE), Woman-Owned Businesses (WBE) and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) Owned Businesses. Office Depot recognizes that diversity is an important dimension of Inclusion, Innovation and Customer Focus — three of their core values.
  65. Oath, Regina Bernardo
    Oath Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) private foundation with the mission to improve the lives of women, girls and underserved youth worldwide by providing grants to organizations that are increasing access through education and technology, fostering leadership and cultivating creativity and innovation. Employees of Oath can take up to 24 hours a year to serve the nonprofit organizations of their choice.
  66. Meltwater, Paty Shives
    The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) provides training, investment, and mentoring to aspiring high-technology entrepreneurs, with the goal of building globally successful companies that create wealth and jobs in Africa. The Women in Business ERG enables female employees to share ideas, information, network internally, mentor one another and create and run charitable programs that support women in the business world.
    See open jobs at Meltwater
  67. Hearst Business Media, Michelle Bennett
    The Hearst Diversity Council’s purpose is to champion an environment that encourages and inspires respect for everyone's values, backgrounds, differences, abilities and personal choices. The Council sponsors ongoing recruitment efforts, including participation in the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) and the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).
    See open jobs at Hearst Business Media
  68. Vivint, Starr Fowler
    Vivint Gives Back, founded in 2008, has thus far donated more than $9,000,000 and over 110,000 total service hours to help people in need. Previous volunteer work includes bringing aid to Hurricane Ike victims and renovating schools in Arizona and Canada. Additionally, Vivint Gives Back is strongly dedicated to supporting military families and empowering children with disabilities through technology.
  69. City National Bank, Laura Lallone
    City National Bank’s internal caucuses are made up of colleagues across business lines and include the African American Caucus, Asian American Caucus, Latino Caucus, LGBT Caucus and Women's Caucus. Caucus members lead business development efforts and reach out to community organizations and help implement mentoring and educational career and leadership development programs.
  70. Sprint, Shondee Perdue
    Sprint's senior leaders throughout the organization serve on their Diversity Council, which focuses on Sprint employees, multi-cultural marketing and supplier diversity. By fostering and reflecting diversity in their workforce, partnerships and marketing communications, Sprint demonstrates how good inclusion and diversity strategies work to better serve their diverse customers and communities.
  71. Panera Bread, Robert Crumpton
    Panera supports associate-organized and led networking groups in the following areas:  Multicultural Beliefs, Veterans, Women, and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender. All of these groups are supported by members of Panera’s senior leadership. Panera participates in the Scrip fundraising program, helping nonprofit organizations raise money.
  72. Expedia Inc., Nikki Krishnamurthy
    In 2016, Expedia Inc. released data that their female employees represent 52% of the company's employees worldwide and are paid $1 for every $1 paid to men in equivalent roles. In terms of social contribution, Expedia’s Giving Philosophy consists of Corporate Charitable Partnerships, a Matching Gift Program, Employee Volunteerism and Community Grants.
    See open jobs at Expedia Inc.
  73. Anthem, Patrice Jimerson, Tracy Joyner
    Anthem’s nine associate resource groups help foster an inclusive and collaborative culture. Anthem also delivers programs about mitigating unconscious bias in decisions that impact how they hire, advance, develop and evaluate associates.
  74. Micro Focus, Jasmine Wilson, Shelley Jeffcoat
    The Micro Focus Charity Committee supports active contribution towards the development of the community by providing an annual budget for employees to be used on a funds-matching basis, man-days per month to be used for activities benefiting a charity, and local sponsorships of sports and music clubs and school teams.
  75. Cleveland Clinic, Le Joyce Naylor
    Cleveland Clinic’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion provides strategic leadership for creating an inclusive organizational culture for patients, employees, business partners and the communities they serve. Their initiatives focus on workforce demographics, education, pipeline development, economic initiatives/supplier diversity and cultural competence.
  76. Colliers International, Anne Wharton, Shandele Cruickshank
    Colliers supports charities that their employees and clients are passionate about; sponsorships range from donating volunteer hours to financial contributions. #ColliersForGood has partnered with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the Peninsula Humane Society and Salute From the Shore, to name a few.
    See open jobs at Colliers International
  77. Flatiron Health, Ahmadu Gidado, Joe Chan
    "Cancer is smart. Together, we can be smarter." In order to dramatically improve treatment and accelerate cancer research, Flatiron Health employees collaborate together across different teams, disciplines and backgrounds. They use this same approach for their diversity and inclusion program. The program equips their leaders with tools to mitigate bias, leverages a cross-functional Inclusion Working Group to raise awareness and get employees into action, adds more structure to their recruiting process and diversifies their pipeline through community engagement.
    See open jobs at Flatiron Health
  78. Walgreens, Steve Pemberton
    Walgreens currently has eight Business Resource Groups, representing those of
    various ethnicities, employees passionate about environmental sustainability, and those of other underrepresented backgrounds. At the end of each pay period, Walgreens employees are able to donate a percentage of their paycheck to organizations such as the American Heart Association and United Way.
  79. Kraft Heinz, Stacey Johnson
    Kraft Heinz currently has two women on their Leadership Team, leading the company in the areas of People, Performance, and Technology, and Marketing, Innovation, and Research & Development. Launched in 2001, The Kraft Heinz Company Micronutrient Campaign has given children in developing areas access to nutritional supplements to promote healthy development.
  80. Zalando, Natali Vlatko
    Zalando is proud of their diverse workforce and continues to make efforts to further diversify their talent--their 13,000 employees currently represent over 100 different nationalities. Through programs such as apprenticeships, trainee programs, junior positions, and student jobs, young workers of all backgrounds and experience are able to pursue employment and internship opportunities at Zalando.
  81. Harry's, Cecilia Ju, Danielle Shockley
    Harry’s is committed to donating 1% of their sales to charity, and 1% of their time to organizations who aid in excelling professional and personal growth. Through their employee benefits program, new parents are given 16 weeks of paid parental leave, and a one month paid sabbatical after five years of employment.
    See open jobs at Harry’s
  82. Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Angela Cody
    Top leadership at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals have made individual commitments to cultivate and inspire an inclusive and diverse working environment. Mallinckrodt was named a Best Company for LGBT Equality, with more than 150 employees participating in Pride festivities in New Jersey and St. Louis.
  83. Pinterest, Jeremiah Reyes
    Pinterest's mission: To help empower people to discover and do things they love. We are fueled by the passion of our employees and the belief that diversity brings innovation to our product.
    See open jobs at Pinterest
  84. Shapeways, Nicole Keller, Melenee Burns, Liz Livi
    Shapeways provides all employees access to an e-learning platform that expands their skill sets. Additionally, Shapeways has a recognition program that helps Shapies earn money to invest in their own developments.
    See open jobs at Shapeways
  85. Navient, Jodi Brandstetter
    Navient employees are allotted up to four hours of paid leave a month to volunteer at a partner organization in the community. As a proud veteran employer, Navient has also been recognized as a Military Friendly Employer by GI jobs for its efforts in acquiring and hiring those who have served in the military on their team.
  86. PrecisionLender, Jillienne Benjamin
    PrecisionLenders’ PrecisionLendAHand is a social contribution initiative connecting employees to their communities. They are partnered with the Wake County Public School System, Ronald McDonald House Charities and the American Pit Bull Foundation.
  87. Sears Automotive, Dan Benjamin
    Sears Automotive is a proud partner of organizations such as Car Care Counsel, Auto Car Association, and the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association, providing education for motorists, support for workers in the auto industry, and providing consumers with the freedom of where to seek auto care.
  88. Novartis, Francesca Tighe
    Novartis has several initiatives in place to help attract and develop talented people, strengthen the company’s culture and support their ability to execute their strategy. Initiatives include Be Healthy, Community Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, A Living Wage and Corporate Volunteering.
  89. Comcast Technology Solutions, Uzo Akotaobi
    Employees have access to Comcast University which provides training opportunities, leadership development pathways and ad hoc learning events, encouraging personal and professional development. Comcast Technology Solutions offers maternity management, adoption assistance, child-care resources and pet insurance.            
  90. Fueled, Meredith Flynn
    Fueled supports the Coalition for Queens, a nonprofit aiming to create a tech
    community inclusive of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, in order to reach a wider range of diverse candidates. Fueled's self-organized Diversity & Inclusion Committee meets bi-weekly and has had powerful influence on Fueled's D&I initiatives.
    See open jobs at Fueled
  91. CVS Health, David Casey
    CVS’ strategic approach to managing diversity touches every aspect of their business. Diversity and inclusion are addressed throughout their Workforce Representation, Colleague Engagement, Talent Systems and Marketplace Diversity.  
  92. Struck, Kevin Perry, Frances Naisbitt
    In support of their efforts to increase their number of female employees, 80% of recent hires have been women. Employees are also given monthly Struck Ed sessions on empathy, sent bi-weekly emails on gender equality, and provided with numerous diversity and inclusion trainings.
    See open jobs at Struck
  93. Trustpilot, Anabel Morales, Tom Warren
    Trustpilot currently has over 500 employees representing 40 nationalities. Employees are also allotted 20% of their time to dedicate towards innovation and projects that allow them to pursue their passions.
  94. BBVA Compass, Rosilyn Houston
    BBVA Compass has 6 offices dedicated to their goals within Corporate Responsibility and Reputation: Community Reinvestment, Community Giving, Employee Involvement, Financial Education, Sustainability and Community Diversity. Through a recent Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Program initiative, BBVA Compass has committed to invest $11 billion in expanding their products and services to low and middle-income communities.
  95. Datadog, Marissa Parillo, Tabitha Upton
    Datadog offers various trainings covering topics of Biases in Interviewing, Harassment in the Workplace and Equal Pay. Datadog has outlined diversity recruiting goals and creates an inclusive workplace for employees by hosting Slack channels to virtually support sub-cultures within the company.
    See open jobs at Datadog
  96. GeoLinks, Skyler Ditchfield
    GeoLinks is a member of the SHLB Coalition, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) advocacy organization that supports open, affordable, high-capacity broadband connections for anchor institutions and their surrounding communities. Additionally, GeoLinks works with the Microsoft Whitespace Projects, pushing for more rural and urban wireless spectrum to ultimately drive up competition and lower industry costs which aligns with GeoLinks’ focuses to have a positive impact on the local economy.
  97. Aurora Health Care, Cristina Garcia-Thomas
    Aurora Health Care’s purpose is to help people live well and to do that they celebrate their differences and nurture an environment where everyone feels included. Their workforce reflects the communities they serve and Aurora encourages their employees to bring their whole selves to work every day.
  98. Index Exchange, Aaron de Wit
    Index Exchange’s Leadership Team is comprised of four women. More than 50% of the members of their New York City headquarters team are female.
    See open jobs at Index Exchange
  99. Le Tote, Madan Ahuja
    Le Tote hosts hackathons, off-sites activities and team building events to connect employees from different teams. They also offer well subsidized health care and provide accommodations to individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    See open jobs at Le Tote
  100.    MTM, Inc., Sarah Faupel
    MTM is a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Since 2012, MTM has been honored as one of the Top Five Largest Women-Owned Businesses by the St. Louis Business Journal.

Do you believe your company should be on this list? Email us here.

Want to find a job at these companies? Click here.

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  • Tarn
    5mo ago

    So interesting! I love this!

    So interesting! I love this!

  • Natasha
    Natasha 💪🏻& 👊🏻 just like NYC
    5mo ago

    Incredible list! Such great companies!

    Incredible list! Such great companies!

  • Tiffany Pham
    Tiffany Pham Founder & CEO, Mogul
    5mo ago

    Congratulations to everyone honored among the Top 100 Innovators!

    Congratulations to everyone honored among the Top 100 Innovators!

  • Judith Davis
    5mo ago

    This is such a great list of companies.  Thank you. 

    This is such a great list of companies.  Thank you. 

  • ThatViolaGirl
    ThatViolaGirl Future Author & Psychologist
    5mo ago

    These companies are doing great things no matter what spot they are in. Can't wait to see what the future holds which each and every one of them.

    These companies are doing great things no matter what spot they are in. Can't wait to see what the future holds which each and every one of them.

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