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Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Dubai Mall

Shopping in Dubai takes excitement to a whole new level for shopaholics as well as the ones who aren’t shopping crazy. Due to the infamous shopping festival Dubai, has become a popular tourist attraction for people around the world. People, tourists and locals alike, throng the city during the shopping festival Dubai looks like a big market.

The city is full of malls where people get all the brands and products imaginable. The Dubai Mall is one such mall that attracts several tourists, not only for shopping but also for other activities. There are 10 reasons that will make you visit the Dubai Mall, that makes shopping in Dubai, even more worthwhile.

1. The Waterfall

Watch the life size divers made of fibreglass, silver in colour, plunge down the vertical walls of water, around four storey high. The 24 feet tall waterfall is situated near the Grove. This spectacular water feature offers a vantage meeting point for all the visitors of the mall.

2. The Ice Rink

Experience the cheeriness of gliding along the ice at the Dubai Ice Rink, regardless of your skill level or age. This Olympic sized ice rink is the largest and the best quipped ice skating rink in the city. The place offers a wide range of world class facilities for different ice skating abilities.

3. The Aquarium

Hundreds of shoppers visiting the Dubai Mall stop and gaze through the world’s largest perspex window in the Dubai Aquarium. Pay and walk through the tunnel, if you want to get closer to the sharks of the aquarium, which takes you through it. You can often spot divers swimming inside the tank to carry out the necessary maintenance.

4. 3D Candy

Walk over to the sweetest store in the mall and watch the first 3D gummy printer in the world, that can print over 20 different designs, even the Dubai skyline. The candy will last for a year but to be honest, you won’t be able to resist the urge of finishing it up in one go.

5. FIFA Certified Football Pitch

The mall’s second floor is an all singing and all dancing football pitch. Named ‘Goal’, the pitch opens late and is suitable to kids who are between 10-15 years old. The scheme of the pitch lets you drop your kids here while you shop to your heart’s content. Let your kids kick around in the mall.

6. The Underwater Zoo

Be ready to see some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures at the Dubai Mall’s Underwater Zoo. Get up, close and personal with King Croc and if that’s not enough watch different creatures such as penguins, snakes, lizards, otters, piranha and the giant eels. Visitors can witness the archerfish shooting jets of water at the insects to eat them in water.

7. The Skate Park

One of the biggest kept skating secrets of the city, this skate park is hidden away on Level 2 of the Dubai Mall. Rage Skate Bowl, is a spot, hard to find for people who do not know about it, but once you’ve discovered the place, you can skate all day long, that too for free.

8. The Airbus A380

If you want to have one of the most unexpected experiences in Dubai, fly a plane in the Dubai Mall. Away from all the concessions and shops, the Emirates A380 will put you in a cockpit of the largest plane in the world. Hop on a 30-minute flight to any one of the 12 worldwide destinations.

9. The Cinema

It’s not like your usual cinema trip. Walk into the Platinum Cinema Suites for recliner seats and Gourmet treats. Kick back and chill out in front of a huge screen as you love your life in a comfortable throne. This place is perfect for a date night or a treat to yourself after a hard week at work.

10. The F1 Car

Walk into the Ferrari Store at Level 1 of the Dubai Mall and find a purpose built F1 simulator that has been sent from the Ferrari F1 factory at Maranello. Using the same software as the Ferrari cars, it allows you to jump into the driver’s seat and put the pedal to the floor.

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