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Devin C. Hughes
1y San Diego, CA, United States Story
Together We Rise

This year's presidential election has been the most controversial and tumultuous I've ever seen. The campaigns leading up to the big day were no less traumatizing. It really doesn't matter which side you voted for -- this is a democracy, after all. What does matter is how we all handle the next few months of adjustment. 

I have seen some truly horrendous things coming through my news feeds in the past forty-eight hours. Racial epithets are being slung at passersby on public transit. KKK is being seen marching across bridges on main thoroughfares. Trump supporters are being likened to the Nazi regime. This is NOT the United States we've fought so hard for. We cannot be a country divided.

Instead of delving further into negativity, we need to start showing support to one another. Don't malign someone because they're different. There are many ways to tactfully shut down racism and bigotry -- check out the Anti-Defamation League's 101 Ways You Can Beat Prejudice.

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Author, Speaker & Positive Psychology Researcher

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