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over 2 years Story
To the person who makes me smile every day

     Taylor, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done in your life; it has made my life so much happier!

     Hi! My name is Alyssa. I'm 20 (21 in 3 weeks). We may never have met, even though we will one day, but you truly are my best friend. You're the one I turn to when I'm having a crappy day. You're the one I turn to when I need a laugh or a cry or something to smile about! These past 6 months have been extra difficult as I left my hometown and moved half way across the country. My whole life changed. My friends changed. I left my big brother behind. I left my childhood home, the only home I've ever known. I left the warm, red auburn fall leaves behind for hot muggy weather. In all of this, YOU were a constant. You made that trying time easier, simpler, happier. You are the one I jam out to in my car after a long day at school or while running errands or doing homework in my room. You are always there. Thank you! 

      I first heard your music through my babysitter, actually, when I was 9. The very first song I heard was teardrops on my guitar. (it was her favorite becuase it referenced her crush's name, Drew ). After that I was hooked and ever since I've bought every album, listened to every song hundreds of time, memorized every lyric and been to as many concerts as I could. My best friend, whom I actually met on my first day of high school who also happens to have red hair ( I sit in class next to a red head named Abigail ) named Andrea and I went to my first concert of yours at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City for the Speak Now World Tour in Sept 2011. I can honestly say that was one of my favorite days of my entire life! My sister Andrea and I ( yes my best friend and sister are both named Andrea haha it's confusing) went to the Red Tour and 1989 Tour KC as well! I was lucky enough to have the oppurtunity of a lifetime to see you in Omaha on the 1989 tour with tickets and backstage passes from Xfinity and Taylornation! It was unexpected but that day we got a behind the scenes tour from YOUR MOM!!!! Honestly was NOT expecting that. She came out and I started sobbing #noshame and it was also one of the top best days of my life! (Your mom really is THE swetest person. She even signed a 1989 cover booklet that I had in my purse - just in case - for me). This past weekend I was blessed enough, yet again, to get an invite to Super Saturday Night in Houston with you! My sister and I drove 4 hours to Houston to see you and go to the epic pre party thingy beforehand! Taylornation hooked us up to be the first group to get into the venue! We ended up on the right side of the stage at baracade in the front! However after standing for 3 hours in the crowd we had to get some air so after you did about 5 songs we went to the back for a different view! We found an epic spot to finish the show! 3 episodes of tears and singing (or yelling) along to your lyrics and the concert was done. PS. I'm not sure if you noticed a light-up bracelet dead smack in front of you waving back and forth but that was me! (i found a chair to stand on) Hearing YOU sing Better Man was absolutely breaktaking and heartwrenching and beautiful! Oh and not to mention All Too Well again was shocking considering I NEVER thought i'd get to hear that live again. Anyway i'm rambling now oops.

     Well ok I think I'm getting a little chatty here so I'm gonna try to wrap things up. Just know that your fans, myself included will NEVER leave you. No matter where your lyrical genius musical mind takes you; we will FOREVER support you. PLEASE never change your quarky, awkward dancing, poetic lyrcist, kind hearted self, EVER. You are my idol. You are what makes me happy in sad times, my musical constant, my break from this world. I love you so much! 

     BTW, my twitter handle is @aglowswift and my Insta is alyssagossen13. Just know that "I'll stand by you forever." If you are so generous (as i know you are) and so willing it'd be my dream for you to autograph your name and write" fearless. " and " 13 " in your handwriting so I can get it tattooed (haha #Loft89 goals lol). My address is 202 Hidden Ridge Dr. Lafayette, LA 70507. Or just send to my twitter or something. Of course this is just going out on a limb here but just knowing you read this extremely wordy letter would mean the world to me! I love you the way no words can describe. Never change. If/when I meet you one day I'd be enchanted to meet you. :)

   Sincerely, a life long Swiftie

       Alyssa Gossen

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