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Why did you look at me that way?

Like you've waited for me all your life and now that you've found me, you'd never want to let me go. Like I was the best thing that ever happened to you. Like, maybe, I was magic and you still couldn't believe that I'm real.

Why did you say those words to me?

Why did you tell me that we're never gonna lose this, lose us? That we'll always have each other; that nothing can ever change what we had; that you'll only ever belong to me and no one else.

Why did you make believe that you love me?

When you stood outside in the rain, just waiting for me to come out and forgive you. When you wrote me all those letters and stayed up late almost every night just to sing me to sleep - no matter how terrible your voice was. When you accepted me for what I am, flaws and all. When I finally let you in to see my brokenness and you still chose to stay and be with me.

Why did you make me feel like I was the one?

Tell me, please. I need to know. 

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