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1mo Richmond, VA, United States Story
To My Hero

February 18th - 9:15 pm.

Today I called my dad to say goodbye.

I had a plan. I had the means. I knew my pain was moments away from being gone forever. Freedom - I could faintly see it growing closer to me. My last resort now desperately aching for me to take it. 

Today I called my dad to say goodbye.

From the moment I woke up I knew I was heading down this path - the point of no return they say. Drowning in my own emotions was an everyday routine I could no longer handle. My own brain a weapon against me. 

Today I called my dad to say goodbye.

When I hang up the phone it’ll all be over. I can swallow these pills and drift off into the sweet nothingness calling my name. My heart will no longer ache and my core will no longer feel as though it is rotting from the inside due to the venomous thoughts lingering every moment. 

Today I called my dad to say goodbye.

It was almost time. I looked at the orange bottle as he spoke to me; his voice fading to a whisper. The thoughts in my head rattling without hesitation. Was it time yet? Could I leave now? Is my suffering finally going to come to an end?

Today I called my dad to say goodbye.

But I didn’t. I didn’t say goodbye. He saved me just like he does every time. He saved his little girl without even knowing she was dangling off the edge. And for that, I will always love him.

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I'm just another girl putting her life on the internet for the world to see.

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