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Judith Davis
1y New York, NY, United States Story
Tips on How to Survive an Affair from Platinum Poire

With hit shows like "The Affair" currently airing on Showtime Networks companies like Platimun Poire, have their work cut out for them. Platinum Poire, a VIP, invite only power couple service, aims to create lasting relationships for elite singles looking for a secure and discreet way to meet others of equal caliber.

Inspired by the Third Season of 'The Affair' on Showtime, share a few tips on “How to Survive an Affair” from Rori Sassoon and Dr. Gluck of Platinum Poire.

Dr. Gluck is revered as the top in the nation for neuroplasticity as well as executive life coaching. His expansive ability to work with individuals who may feel some type of hindrance in their lives and help eradicate that hindrance help his clients in finding the perfect life partner, Dr. Gluck uses his talents, after becoming very familiar with every client in a confidential manner, in order to suggest partnerships amongst Platinum Poire’s members that prove to be highly successful.

Rori Sassoon has a lengthy and impressive background in image consultation and styling, thus assisting in delivering a self confident and attractive individual. She is passionate about giving others the opportunity for a lasting and successful relationship. Offering her expertise in styling and image consulting, Rori helps individuals gain the self-confidence necessary to build the perfect relationship.

The tips are as follows: 

Dr G: You are having an affair. Do you truly know why? You are either looking at your world myopically OR with a clear perception of what truly is. Either way, you risk losing your partner, so get some good perspective on things. Have you’ve spent years with a person you: actually adore, have had great communication and great sex with, and had the obligatory (and possibly numerous) fights about common crap like house hold chores, finances? Maybe you do have something worth preserving. Don't 'cut your nose off to spite your face’? Maybe you’re angry, acting out? Maybe you need to take a cold shower and think?

Rori: The relevant question at this juncture is: is this person I love a repeat offender? Is this the first or tenth affair? If you know in your heart of hearts that in 10 years, it’ll be the same nonsense, then it’s time to cut your losses. If it is not a pattern, maybe opt to keep a relationship that brings you more fun and laughter than tears.

Dr G: Perspective. Some would consider a simple kiss an affair, others would think a massage parlor 'rub and tug’ to be one, and let’s not forget the drunken night out with friends and lap dances. For the record, these actions are not affairs. Certainly not advisable for a healthy marriage but not a good-relationship killer…and every divorce lawyer makes mountains out of a mole hills.

Rori: Perspective. Do the reasons behind this infidelity sound like typical justifications? The above are examples of cheating, not affairs. I believe the most damaging affair is on the emotional level not the physical. In general, women are emotionally stronger than men and more forgiving. Many men can’t forgive an affair by the wife. Culturally and historically programmed, he now perceives her as the ‘whore.' It’s over. On the opposite side, when the man has the affair, the woman is supposed to be a 'good wife' and forgive and forget to keep the family together. Our society often excuses his bad behavior: ‘he wasn’t getting enough sex or affection at home.’ Sad It’s still a man’s world.

Dr G: Rori, when every woman says, 'It’s a man’s world,' they are still hoping to be treated like a queen. Cheating is breaking the rules and I agree with you, but an affair is something entirely different. An affair is when you are sharing a part of yourself that clearly breaks the sacred union of marriage. It is something ongoing that actually creates a net deficit with the person you love and, let’s not forget, it also involves a life of lying. This is not healthy for anyone, including the liar.

Rori: Great relationships do not start out with affairs. Anything that starts with a lie and comes between that sacred union is already marred. Just look at Angelina, Brad and Jennifer Aniston… Karma??

Dr G: So, can affairs be forgiven, a relationship healed? The answer is absolutely yes. As long as you are dealing with two rational people who have the ability, with help, to recognize what went wrong and address it, change it, and move forward. Only the bad memory of emotional betrayal awaits the person who can never let go, cannot end the accusations. This would be submitting to a life of torture and the impossibility of healthy love in the future.

Rori: I do agree that a good relationship can be healed; however, the cheater needs to repent and regain trust. It’s real work. The cheater also needs to express true compassion for their partner and the betrayal they have just been subjected to. As the one cheated on, you can’t punish the cheater forever. You’ll never progress and heal if you don’t lay down your anger and mistrust. It’s not easy to do but you do not want a life filled with resentment and anger.

These are some amazing tips that can help long time relationships last during even the toughest times.

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