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Ammy Stewart
Ammy Stewart Student at Wesleyan University
5mo Connecticut Story
Tips for Social Media

Your business can face the biggest failure If you are unknown of your customer's behavior with whom they are in competition with, which platforms to target and how to engage the audience. Most of the people are unaware of technologies available in all major social networks and don’t know how to operate their online and offline marketing activities or how to automate their social activities. There are some important media marketing tips that every business owner should know to get rapid growth in the business graph:

Know Your Competition

In today's time competitors who target the same people is great and you can always check which technology and strategy work best for them and which didn’t and use this knowledge to make your own strategy. My advice is to first analyze the strategy which suits your business the best. People are doing something right to get the kind of follower count and engagement they have, so why not learn from them? There are many ways of doing this.
Go to Facebook’s Pages and identify your best-performing competitors and compare their engagement, audience, and activity growth to your business. On these Facebook pages, you can see what content your competitors are posting, at what time and on which days they are posting they are posting. Look at the total engagement and try to observe the difference between actual and fake users. This will help you to know how followers are interacting with the post. Brands which have high engagement rates are typically the ones to watch. If you are still confused who your competitors are? No worries. There are many tools that can help you find the right competitors.

Choose the Right Channel to Target

There are many media marketing channels, but it is not necessary that you have to be on all of them.
If you are new to social media platforms, it’s advisable to do a survey and ask your customers which social media channels they prefer or use the most.
But if you are an active user on social media channels, calculate the efficiency of all social media platforms. Analyze the size of your audience across different channels, your engagement.

Interact with Your Audience on Social

The first thing is to be responsive to your clients and never forget to respond to your follower's message. People will have a different opinion with your business across the web. Either they will be happy with your brand and want to thank you, or they’ll be disappointed. You have to respond to every message you think can help you in getting good deals. There are many Social media monitoring tools which allow you to track and categorize your online activities, and identify new promotional opportunities.

Engage your Audience Constantly

Try different content formats. Try quizzes, videos, and live streaming. Check this tip to get most out of your campaigns: Take pictures of your product, and post them on related pages. Try jokes, memes, and funny statements—to know the potential of humor. Never forget to set an engagement metric for all your posts. Otherwise, you will not be able to know what works and what doesn’t?

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Ammy Stewart
Student at Wesleyan University

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