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Jodi Dery
Jodi Dery Co-Founder of ProfilePRO LLC, the creator of Cloud 10 Hair Care and HairRx
over 1 year Story
Tips for Caring for Aging Hair

One thing for certain with hair care is from the day we are born until we are much older, hair changes – from texture to color to thickness and more.  As we grow older our hair is affected by biochemicals and hormones. While it is constantly falling out and re-growing, it also gets weaker and hair loss becomes more prominent.

Healthy hair is achievable despite one’s age. Here are a few tips and recommendations for caring for aging hair.


  1. Wash Less: As we get older, it’s smart to wash hair less often. Our natural oils help prevent hair from drying out, and are great for the scalp and hair.
  2. Quality Matters:  Take time to read the ingredients list on the formulas you choose. Look for a balanced blend of high-performance natural actives that are gentle. Make sure the formula is safe for color-treated hair and does not contain harmful sulfates or parabens. 
  3. Hair Issues: Common hair issues as we age include thinning hair, changes in texture, dryness, and breakage. Listen to your hair needs and respond by changing formulas when needed, such as boosting frizz control in the summer months and increasing hydration in the winter.
  4. Nutrition Makes a Difference: Nutrition affects all the cells in our body including our hair. A well-rounded diet and exercise plan are essential to healthy hair, as well as a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Styling Tips as Women Age: Healthy hair starts from within the hair follicle, so to achieve a great hairstyle, be sure to keep up with a smart and simple maintenance plan.  Start by getting good haircuts and using a great conditioning treatment that you can do at home. Keep heat styling to a minimum, and learn how to attractively pull your hair back into a bun, pony or loose braid that will minimize stressing your hair.  Avoid using too many layered styling products, or over washing your hair.
  6. Styling Products Help: There are several great anti-aging products, such as HairRx Advanced Hair Care Professional Nourishing Oil that will help keep hair hydrated and shiny while avoiding dryness and breakage. HairRx Professional Revive and Protect Mist helps protect hair from the elements and heat styling. You can also postpone a wash, because it helps refresh your style between washes.

Regardless of what hair phase of life you are in, take the time to customize your hair care products to ensure they work the best for you and your hair goals. Beautiful, healthy hair at all ages is attainable.

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Jodi Dery
Co-Founder of ProfilePRO LLC, the creator of Cloud 10 Hair Care and HairRx

Jodi Dery, Co-Founder of ProfilePRO LLC, the creator of Cloud 10 Hair Care and HairRx – innovative, customized, and salon quality hair care lines. Jodi is also the founder and CEO of Cloud 10 Salons, located in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida. With a decade of experience in the spa industry [...]

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