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My dad always tells me that life is about luck and timing. And I always fought him on it because I thought that if you want to make something happen in your life, you will. Luck I can understand, but it’s not about timing. I thought it’s about the power of the situation. But I was so wrong. 

Timing is the moment where you are fed up with your mundane job that didn’t feed your soul. It’s where you felt that you can contribute more and need to have a more powerful presence. It’s the desire to change your routine and find something that you are more passionate about. Usually this occurs after a shakeup in your life. Whether it’s a breakup, or a death, or a time where you just felt like giving up on happiness. It’s the inspiration of doing everything you can to bring the light back into your life. Where you actually look forward to coming to work every day doing something that makes you happy. That’s when timing shows its face.

Timing is a validation. It’s the moment where you decide you aren’t ready for a relationship because you have too much baggage from your last one. It’s the feeling of wanting to rebel and be free to go and date whoever and however many people come your way.  It’s the reiteration that you may have been in a serious, committed relationship that was wrong and should have ended it a long time ago. But it’s the exact time it should have ended because it catapulted you into a new journey that you needed to start. 

It’s the epiphany that you are exactly where you should be. Single to explore yourself and to find what makes you happy. To focus on your emotional wellbeing and to do everything and anything that you want to do. To focus on family, friends and your career. This is the right time that you need to be on your own. And to learn how to embrace it, and not only to feel lonely. To cherish your individuality, and not just associate yourself with a partner. To travel the world by yourself or with friends. To take up new hobbies and just be by yourself. Whether it’s learning how to paint, or taking up cooking, or writing a blog, or volunteering. It’s what YOU want to do. And it’s exactly the right time to dedicate your life to YOU.

Or it’s finally being ready for that relationship that ended long ago. It’s the call, text or email you get from an old lover that makes your heart sink because you know deep down it never should have ended. It’s the feeling that maybe destiny is real and the concept that soul mates maybe does exist to a certain extent. They say, “if you have chemistry, the only other thing you need is timing. But timing is a bitch.” Or is it? Maybe it ended at the right time because both of you weren’t emotionally available, but now you actually are. Maybe you needed to date a few wrong people to know what you really want in a partner. It’s the moment when you choose to be emotionally vulnerable because it feels safe this time. It’s the time that both of your hearts are open, and you both have the same goals in life. It’s the feeling that is almost euphoric because of how content you can actually feel being next to someone. Timing is that realization that NOW is the moment you want to make it work. And those other times when they came back into your life, you weren’t ready. And neither were they. 

Timing is that smile that peaks its head in at exactly the right time. It’s perspective. It’s that insight that you made all of those choices and mistakes to lead you to the place that you are in right now. It’s the feeling that you know everything is going to be ok. Because it’s the right place, and the right time. And in life, timing is everything. 

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  • Sasha Blemming
    1mo ago

    My parents have given me wise advice that I once would deny but now see a true!

    My parents have given me wise advice that I once would deny but now see a true!

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