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almost 2 years San Francisco, CA Story
Three Pieces of Advice for a ‘Glamour’ous Career

My day job at StubHub is pretty fun. You can imagine the incredible moments it creates – I rarely miss a chance to see my favorite San Francisco Giants, for example – and the partners across music, sports and theater that I get to connect with.

Today, my role at StubHub gave me the chance to connect with a new type of partner – the team at Glamour – and more specifically, Editor-in-Chief of Glamour Magazine and, Cindi Leive.

StubHub’s relationship with Glamour stemmed from last year’s Glamour Women of the Year Summit, an incredible day of recognizing significant female achievement, where we were a sponsor and also invited about 20 of our talented women from across the U.S. to take part.

Now, just a few months later, we were so excited to welcome Cindi to the StubHub offices in San Francisco today for a candid Q&A on gender diversity and female empowerment. The event was coordinated by a grassroots employee group within StubHub – the Women’s Initiative Network – which sponsors members on a variety of topics related to the advancement of women in the workplace.

Although I live and breathe sports and entertainment every day, I (and a lot of other women at StubHub) am also interested in the lifestyle topics that Glamour tends to feature, including politics and people issues. One of my favorite parts of what Cindi and Glamour stand for is that they have built Glamour into a multi-platform destination with an emphasis on more than fashion and beauty. In Cindi’s words, the previous model of a fashion magazine “started to look incredibly dated,” and when Glamour was in the early days of exploring a broader set of issues and topics, they found an “increasing hunger,” as Cindi described it, from their audience to learn and discuss topics beyond those that had been traditionally covered.

Cindi and the Glamour team especially emphasize empowering women, as you know if you’ve seen even a small amount of their work. During today’s Q&A at StubHub, I found Cindi’s perspective to be extremely inspiring for women at all stages of their careers.

Here are three important points I personally took away from Cindi’s remarks:

1. “Ask for what you want.”

2. “Do good work and then tell people you do good work.”

3. “Talk to each other.”

Here is my interpretation of Cindi’s advice and how I plan to apply it going forward. My goal in sharing this stems from #3 – even a virtual “talk” may spark inspiration in someone.

1. Ask for what you want:

Cindi told us a story from early in her career. She’d pitched a group of editors on a story idea, and while they loved it, they decided to assign it to a more senior writer. Cindi had a decision to make – stand by and watch someone else own her idea, or say something and show how much she wanted it.

She chose the latter and sent a memo to the then-editor-in-chief, expressing how much she wanted to work on the story, and why she was the best choice. The editor was so impressed that she handed the story over to Cindi, and it ended up winning Cindi an award.

For Cindi, the learning was clear. As she told us,

“You have to ask for what you want. Asking doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get what you want. But not asking frequently guarantees that you won’t get it.”

2. Do good work, and then tell people you do good work:

One of our Stubbers in the audience asked Cindi what advice she’d give to women in the workplace. Her response reminded us that even though the understanding of women’s critical contributions at all levels of a company has improved significantly, all too often, women still have to speak up to ensure their good work gets noticed.

Cindi encouraged our StubHub team to call it out: “You have to do good work, and then you have to tell people you do good work.”

What I took from this piece of advice is that even though it may not be our natural tendency to highlight what we’ve done, we have to get comfortable with the fact that it’s perfectly acceptable to showcase our work to peers, managers and others to help ensure they’re seeing our expertise and aptitude – and we all should feel empowered to take that action.

3. Talk to each other:

This gem was Cindi’s final thought for us today. On the surface, it may seem obvious, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that in today’s day and age, it’s especially important. Sure, we may think that we connect with people because of the innumerable social channels we have access to – but I question whether those connections are really long-term and meaningful.

I know I can do a better job of slowing down and having a face-to-face conversation with friends and colleagues – to share areas where I might need some advice, and to listen to new ideas and fresh thinking. This is especially where I get excited because when we talk, we always learn – and while I tend to think that I have an open mind, especially when it comes to supporting women, I want to broaden my thinking.

We at StubHub thank the entire team at Glamour – Cindi, Sam Storch and Jessica Kantor – for inspiring so many of us today with their enthusiasm, energy and insights.

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  • Lucy Chen
    almost 2 years ago Chicago, IL, United States

    For the longest time I was afraid to ask for what I want but now have learned it never hurts to ask and go for your dream or goal @StubHub 

    For the longest time I was afraid to ask for what I want but now have learned it never hurts to ask and go for your dream or goal @StubHub 

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