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What does love look like?

Love is a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. In business and organizations, love and work means making decisions and conducting oneself in a way that cares for people and the world we live in.

I was born into a family of high achievers, however I was modeled very differently from the pack.  I found solace with crayons, chalk and paper during infancy. My mother took early notice of my imaginary paintings and played a key role in my career path. She encouraged me to read, and take up classes that involved using my hands. Thus, I studied Art all through to University and graduated with a degree in Art 17 years ago.

Sadly, the teaching methods in my time, failed us. However, the creative spirit buried deep within me, allowed me to develop two personas, one which was abundantly free to explore and the other the caged bit.

I went on to establish Accents and Art a few months after graduating 17 years ago. Just as most typical entrepreneurs, I just plunged into business. All I armed with, was my mind and the little experience I had working on a factory floor. The company was registered in May 2000.

The company provides expertise in wrought iron and wood furnishing industry, whilst meeting the quality needs of home owners, architects, interior designers and construction professionals.

We chose to establish the company in Bubiashie, a suburb of Accra. Over the years, Accents and Arts has offered apprenticeship opportunities to disadvantaged young people at no cost for the community of Bubiashie and its environs. The wages they earn enrich the local economy.

It is in this light that I ventured into establishing the Design & Technology Institute as a social enterprise not only to offer technical and vocational training to the youth in the community but has extended this as well to students from the Universities and Polytechnics across the country to gain valuable practical and industrial experience to augment what they study in school.

My dream is to see a lot more women enter into vocations traditionally set aside for men. I am one of the sparse exceptions to this widely accepted norm. I strongly believe this is the time for women to raise their game.

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