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This is why it's hard to love someone who isn't over his past yet

i. Every time you smile, it feels as if she’s still the reason behind it. And it makes me think of how effortless it is for her to put a smile on your lips. She’s not even here, but her presence lingers.

ii. Every time I think about giving you a hug or a kiss, I think about how many times she was able to look at your body and explored every inch, every curve, every flaw and every muscle.

iii. She was there. In every story, in every word you spoke, in every song you listened to, in every secret that you spilled and haven’t spilled yet. I listen to you as you speak and all I can hear is her.

iv.  I touch you and I can’t help but wonder how you feel when she touched you, when you hold her hands with the same hand you use to hold mine, and how she could possibly felt your love when you wrap your arms around her.

v. I love you, and I don’t know who am I loving exactly. Because everything resonates her. As if she’s here with us. As if she still lives in your heart, as if she never left. Perhaps, she never really did.

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