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Things to Consider While Choosing a Drip Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers cannot do without a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning. So choosing the perfect coffee maker is a decision that cannot be taken for granted! Coffee enthusiasts find it difficult to choose the “best” because the best depends upon your need and vary from person to person.

Today, we will explain to you how to select the right coffee maker!

Types of Coffee Makers

Before going further, let us first see what type of coffee maker will suit our needs!

  • If you want the one which is used in popular coffee shops that gives you a bit of flexibility then the best option is manual espresso maker.
  • Drip coffee makers are the standard brewers found in most of the homes. You have a timer for brewing and what better than the smell of fresh brewing!
  • If you want the best taste from freshly ground beans then grind and brew maker is for you! It has a built-in grinder as well!
  • Fan of dark roast coffee or strong coffee then Percolators are for you!
  • French-Press is for those who enjoy the art of brewing fresh coffee!

Drip Brewing Process

Drip-brewing is one of the most popular methods of preparing coffee. There are manual drip-brewing devices as well in the market but automatic coffee maker lets you have control over the whole coffee making process. If you are busy in daily chores and always seem to be in rush then the coffee maker will be a boom for you!

5 Tips to Choose the Right Drip Coffee Maker

If you are looking at investing in the best drip coffee maker of 2017 then you should know what features to look at before selecting one.


How many cups of coffee do you need in the morning? The whole family drinks coffee or is it just you? In short, figure out how many cups would you need at a time.


Need a built-in water filter for the best drip coffee? Are you ready to pay extra bucks for the taste?


Are you always in hurry and forget to switch off appliances? Would you mind paying extra for Automatic shutoff option or Auto-clean option? Other features that one can look at are water level indicator, pause option which lets you stop the machine mid-way for a quick cup or a programmable clock.


Of course, a very important aspect while selecting the machine. Look at warranty coverage, maintenance cost, electricity consumption or any extra accessories that you may have to invest before calculating the final cost.


For some, it is one of the most important criteria while choosing the perfect drip coffee maker. How much time does it take to brew a fresh coffee cup? Check the speed of steaming and brewing before purchasing!

The Final Word!

There are small packaged brewers in the market as well as bulky ones but have a look at all the brands in the market, survey the products, see which feature is most important for you and which brand will fulfill your needs and Voila, you have a potential winner!

Have happy coffeeing!

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