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Connie Chi
Connie Chi Founder & CEO, The Chi Group
6mo NYC/NJ Story
Things Entrepreneurs Loathe

We all know the being an entrepreneur means that you have to be the superhero of your company. It also means that sometimes you’re the secretary, IT, sales department, marketing, and even the social media manager, at least when you first start your business that is. On the outside, it almost looks like you have a handle of it all while being an upstanding citizen to society.

But it also means that there are thousands of emails that come across your inbox. So entrepreneurs have gotten stellar at filtering out information that doesn’t pertain to them at the time. Yet there are those small pesky nuances that can easily have your ask dumped into the trash or ignored. So before you entrepreneurs for something take these few tips into consideration.

Time Wasters
It’s true we entrepreneurs only have so much time in the day so it means that getting onto our calendars whether its a call or in-person meeting is golden. We know how to protect our time like sharks. Anything that wastes our time will quickly be dismissed.

Long Emails
Please no more long emails, we get thousands in a day. If you want something from us just be straightforward ask and make sure you have a catchy subject line so it’ll entice us to click. Too often I get these emails that are 5 paragraphs long explaining something that really isn’t pertinent. Learn to ask and provide value to entrepreneurs in less than 5 sentences in an email.

Multiple Follow Ups
I promise you when your email first landed in our inbox we did see it and maybe even clicked. You’re second email also did get to us but by the time your eighth email came in, we’ve already put you in the spam folder. If after 3 emails we don’t respond it’s probably because we’re not interested in what you’re offering at this time. It’s nothing personal.

Plan Ahead
If you want entrepreneurs to speak or attend your event(s) make sure you plan ahead and ask months in advance. Just because entrepreneurs aren’t big names like Tony Robbins or Richard Branson doesn’t mean that they are subjected to last minute asks.

Missing Scheduled Calls
We all know when we need to call someone especially if there’s a calendar invite in place. Whenever someone misses a scheduled call with me I usually don’t make time for them again unless if it’s an emergency then that’s understandable. Missing scheduled calls show a straight disrespect for the other person’s time, don’t do it.

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Connie Chi
Founder & CEO, The Chi Group

TEDx Speaker, Author, Co-Founder of Cutie Con, Founder & CEO of The Chi Group, a marketing and branding agency humanizing lifestyle brands. I also host a weekly podcast called The Brand Academy Podcast where I spill the secrets on all things branding and marketing gained through my 18+years of [...]

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