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over 1 year Story Pets
These Cats Giving Massages Will Melt Even a Dog Person's Heart

Cats are great at meowing, eating, sleeping, and knocking things down

But did you know that some of them also work as masseuses? 

Sadly, the kitties in the videos below didn't provide any contact information or an explanation for their love of this hobby, but there are a few theories about why cats knead

  1. It makes them (and us!) happy :) 
  2. It's a habit that stuck with them since childhood 
  3. It's a method of marking territory by releasing a scent from glands in their paws 
  4. It's a sign in females that they are ready to mate 

Regardless of their reason for kneading, they sure look cute doing it! 


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Viktorya is a 23-year old coffee addict and researcher navigating life in the city of brotherly love. She enjoys art, yoga, and running, especially towards brunch. IG: viktoryas.sekret

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