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over 2 years Story
The weird boy with the weird name.

So, my name is Hegoi.

I don't know if you remember me, we have never met, even if we almost did it once. I was chosen for the SIO music video, Taylor Nation sent me a message and you know how the rest continues... Anyway, I wasn't 18 then (and I am still not 18 now) so I couldn't go to LA to shoot the video. It really broke me heart, because, I was going to meet the person who changed my life and, at the same time, I was going to be meeting you in California, which is the place that I have wanted to visit my whole life (well, California and New York). It was my biggest dream, but, luckily or unfortunately, not all dreams become true.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to you personally (and Taylor Nation) for all the stuff you sent me, it really made me so  happy. Thank you.

I don't wanna tell you many things by here, because I dream, hope and wish someday I will be able to tell you all the stuff I am thankful for in person. But I don't know when that day will come. (Though I will be crying too much and I won't be able to speak).

You, Taylor, have changed my life. I am not a positive person and I didn't use to believe in love, but every quote that I heard from you,  everything you say when you talk about love, all the advice you give us... all of that makes me change my mind, makes me thing a little different every time, makes me wiser and gives me a more complete view of life. Makes me  realize love is not always perfect, that is is not necessary a feeling between two people only , and, that is something much more complex, beautiful and perfect that what I have ever imagined.

And, I think that is pretty awesome.

Thank you for giving us song like ATW (we are still waiting for the 10min version tho), Holy Ground, This Love, Mean, Wildest Dreams...

Every single one of them reminds me of something that has happened in my life or something that I hope will happen in the future. I picture myself listening to your music in 20 years, I picture me driving to my first job interview while I listen to Sweeter Than Fiction, or getting my heart broken for the first time and listening to ATW.

You don't make good music, you make something else, something more special. And I am just so thankful for that, for you.

I love you to the moon and back.


Aka la_onyourbreak

(Your almost-SIO-video-fan-with-the-weird-name-that-lives-in-Spain)

Pd. I got a polaroid camera! If this work, I will send you some photos.

Pd2. I am trying to convince my parents to get a cat, hope they will say yes. #IWillKeepInforming

Pd3. How are Olive and Merdeath?

Pd4. We are still waiting for AYHTDWS at The Grammy Museum.

Pd5. Have a great day!

Pd6. Love you. Tell Klossy I love her too, a lot. 

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  • Mogul Community Manager
    over 2 years ago



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