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over 3 years New York, NY, United States Story
The Top 30 College Moguls in the US You Need to Know About in 2015

In the age-old words of she who is most wise…

Who runs the world? GIRLS.

Well, it looks like Queen Bey is spot on when you look at a recent women-empowering study conducted by Hanshin University, Harvard Business School, and MIT.

The study explored whether U.S. companies could boost profits through recruiting women who would otherwise be excluded. The results? The schools concluded that there was in fact a positive correlation between the percentage of female managers and percent increase in return on assets (ROA).

So, there you have it, world -- quantifiable proof that bringing women into the management echelons of your business is a financially savvy and smart decision.

The truth is, though, that despite outnumbering men on college campuses since 1988, only 3% of CEOs are women. A staggering fact -- however, there are young women in college right now who are on track to increase this number, as well as every other statistic that measures progress to achieve gender equality.

In order to learn just whom the world should be aware of when it comes to the next CEOs and leaders in various industries, Mogul accepted nominations for the most talented and inspiring young women on campuses across the U.S. We combined those nominations with our own research to give you a definitive list.

On this list are the next young powerhouses who are without a doubt going to change the world for the better.

If you want to make a difference and be an outstanding leader within your school like these young women, then check out the Mogul Global Ambassador Program to learn more. Otherwise, scroll down for the impressive list below.

  1. Abbey McNaughton, Georgetown University ‘16: Abby is finishing her studies in Economics & American Studies while being the Chief of Staff at GU-- where she is managing staff and a cabinet of over 65 members. As a Designing The Future Project Associate, she is also working towards developing new curricular models around high-impact learning experiences. Abbey is constantly creating new projects and opportunities for her fellow undergraduate peers.

  1. Alana Bhatla, Brown University ‘16: Alana is the Vice President at Brown University Undergraduate Council of Students, leading council body of 50+ members. She’s actively supporting females in STEM as the Events Coordinator of Brown Women in Science and Engineering. In addition, she is currently interning as a research assistant with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs where she studies Psychogenic, Nonepileptic Seizures (PNES) in clinical populations.

  1. Alexandra Neenan, Boston University ‘16: Alix is a fourth-year student at Boston University studying International Relations and Arabic, specializing in Security Studies and Foreign Policy in Africa and the Middle East. She is extremely passionate about policies related to international affairs, security issues, and how to deal with weapons of mass destruction (WMB). Alexandra is the Vice President of Pi Sigma Alpha and is currently interning as a strategic systems analyst at SPA, Inc. where she is researching the impact of Congressional budgets on nuclear deterrent force structure.

  1. Alita Carbone, University of Chicago ‘17: Alita is working towards her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and is expected to graduate in 2017. Throughout her time at U’Chicago she has been the Director of Communications for Student Government, the Captain of the Chicago Crew Team and has membership to the Provost’s Directory Advisory Council. In addition, Alita co-founded and is the President of Axis UChicago-- a community service organization dedicated to raising awareness and changing the way disability is perceived.

  1. Allie Cohen, University of Pennsylvania ‘16: Allie is a Senior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Communications and double minoring in Consumer Psychology and Political Science. She is the 2016 Class Vice President, serves on the executive board as the Business Drector of her a cappella group, The Penny Loafers, and is a member of Penn Model Congress. Allie is also on the executive board of Oax Society as well where she helped raise $25,000 through their annual philanthropy event for Women Against Abuse earlier this month.

  1. Anna Thonis, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ‘16: Anna is an undergraduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She’s currently the President of the RPI chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB)-- an organization that encourages community collaboration to design sustainable engineering projects. One of their biggest projects is creating a water supply and filtration source for 250 people in Isla Popa II.

  1. Carolynn Choi, NYU ‘16: Carolynn is a Silicon Valley native and senior at NYU studying Media, Culture & Communications with a minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. She is the 2016 Class President and also the Chair of the Global Operations Committee in NYU Student Government, where she is working to establish a week of service across all 14 NYU campuses worldwide. Carolynn is the Program Assistant for NYU’s Leadership Initiative where she has been recognized for winning the Invent the Future Concept Challenge. She is currently focusing on rolling out a pilot leadership development program that recently launched at NYU London this month.

  1. Christine Lung, Washington University in St. Louis ‘16: Christine is the 2016 Class President, a Calculus tutor and PLTL teacher. In addition, she also got involved with the Committee Organized for Rape Education as a Sexual Consent Educator where she conducted sexual consent sessions among the fraternities & sororities at WashU and organized events raising awareness of sexual assault such as “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”. Christine is on the pre-med track and is currently working as a Medical Assistant at Body-Brain Resilience Autism Clinic where she is researching the effects of over 900 nutritional supplements.

  1. Dina Aouani, Wellesley College ‘16: Dina is a senior studying Applied Mathematics and French Cultural studies. She is actively trying to find ways to better education and treatment for diseases. In the past year some of her biggest projects were developing an affordable, solar-powered laser that could treat glaucoma and networking with 100s of nurses to find the most effective ways to make innovation happen. She co-founded the Society of Wellesley Engineers in 2012 and is leading the way for more women to join STEM fields.

  1. Ecem Senyuva, Columbia ‘16: Currently working with ABC Studios while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Film & Media Studies, Psychology and Business is keeping her busy. To give back to her fellow classmates, Ecem is also the 2016 Class Representative and, with her sister, co-founded Senyuva Prep-- a service that helps guide ambitious high-school seniors applying to the Ivy League. She is a polyglot and can speak Turkish, English, French, and German.

  1. Erin Morris, College of William & Mary ‘16: Erin is finishing off her last few months at College of William & Mary studying her major in Government while packing extensive experience in researching and curating content for different company missions. Some of her past companies include Center for American Progress, Mission Complete, and maslansky + partners. Erin has been honored on the 2015 Dean’s List and is working towards her career in communications.

  1. Gwen Lee, Princeton ‘16: This Vice President of Princeton is studying at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and minoring in Global Health Policy. She is active with Princeton’s Student Health Advisory Board and Pre-Med Society. In addition, Gwen has also contributed to Scholarly works “Structure, Disassembly, Assembly and Budding of Influenza Viruses” and “The Impact of Trauma Systems on Disaster Preparedness: A Systematic Review”. In the summer of 2014, she was a Pediatric Injury Prevention Scholar at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

  1. Hannah Holliday, Wake Forest ‘16: Hannah is a driven, rising star in online journalism and media. With her knowledge in Psychology, Communications, and Entrepreneurship she has successfully launched her lifestyle blog Whimsical Charm. In the first few months it gained immense traction with over 70,000 views. Along with helping and providing a resource for inspiration to thousands of girls around the world with her site, she also gives back to Wake Forest by volunteering and helping incoming freshmen as a Student Advisor.

  1. Heather Rosen, UCLA ‘16: Heather is the Student Body President at UCLA and is majoring in Political Science and Government. She is actively advocating for student’s needs; determined to stand up for having education prioritized in policy she has lobbied at the state and federal level to help push new standards that would make all students better off. At UCLA she was part of Council which allocated a $4.3 million budget towards programs and brought awareness to social and economic issues. Heather also has membership to the Alpha Delta Lambda and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Societies.  

  1. Jibby Ani, Carnegie Mellon University ‘16: This Student Body Vice President is about to finish with her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. In 2013 she traveled to Honduras to provide health education and help infrastructural development. In addition, she was a research intern at National Cancer Institute for eight months where she co-authored a manuscript on radiation reduction in computed tomography scans. Jibby is currently a Software Engineer at Capital One where she is on the fast track to making the increasing the ratio of women figures leading in STEM.

  1. Julia Tompkins, Bucknell ‘16: Julia is a Student Event Manager and senior at Bucknell University. She is studying Innovation & Design in the School of Management and is a strong advocate of volunteering. In 2014 she devoted her time towards a 10 week program with Girls on the Run of Greater Susquehanna Valley where she coached girls’ self esteem in order to build their confidence. Along with this, Julia devoted her time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and Volunteers Initiative in Nepal.

  1. Juliana Batista, Cornell ‘16: Juliana is the 2016 Class President and will graduate in the spring with her Bachelor’s Degree in Labor & Industrial Relations. She holds membership to Mortar Board Senior Honors Society, Ivy Council, and College-100. As a President of Cornell’s Student Assembly, she worked to implement numerous legislations addressing serious campus issues like health insurance and sexual assault. Currently she is interning at Deutsche Bank and is well on her way to showing how female managers can increase ROA.

  1. Katie Kirsch, Stanford ‘16: Katie is about to finish her studies as a Product Design Engineering senior and has already taken the initiative in inspiring young female students as the Co-Founder of Girls Driving for a Difference. With her knowledge of design principles, she teamed up with three of her friends in coaching over a thousand girls across the US so that they have the tools and confidence to innovate the future. Despite the fact that Girls Driving for a Difference is barely a year old, it has run into immense success of creating social change in communities across the US. Katie is also involved as the President of Design for America and with Stanford Women in Design.

  1. Meher Irani, Brandeis University ‘16: Meher is finishing her last year at Brandeis and is expected to graduate next spring with a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Chemistry. She gives back to her community as a 2016 Class Senator and as a member of the UDR council. As the Undergraduate Department Representative for Biology she helps her fellow biology-major undergraduate students plan for success with their academic career. Meher volunteers regularly at Boston Children’s Hospital and is the President of the South Asian Students Association.

  1. Nicole Coble, UVA ‘16: Nicole is the Chapter President of Alpha Phi Fraternity and has membership to the Order of Omega Greek National Honor Society. She is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and as the Chapter President she was in charge of effectively allocating the Fraternity’s $120k yearly budget. In 2013 she participated in the Women’s Leadership Development Program and has since volunteered as a tutor to teach youth at the Boys and Girls Club of America.

  1. Olivia Hussey, Boston College ‘17: Olivia is studying towards her B.A. in history. She is the 2016 Class VP and is actively making moves in order to eliminate gender inequality. Along with this, she participates as a volunteer at Steps to Success. Olivia is Co-Chair of Gender Relations and Community Enrichment Task Force and currently interning as a Legislative Task Force for Massachusetts National Organization for Women (NOW)-- a multi-issue organization that works to advance the equal status of women and girls in all aspects of their lives.

  1. Pragya Saboo, Georgia Institute of Technology ‘16: Pragya is a senior about to complete her studies towards her Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering. She has been recognized by Georgia Tech Police Department and given the Student Partnership Award and Community Partner Award for demonstrating outstanding leadership. Pragya has gone on to explore her own ventures and recently co-founded For the Environment-- an organization based in India which aims to raise awareness on social environmental issues.

  1. Rachael Kase, Texas A&M University ‘17: Rachael is studying towards her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and has made herself a strong presence in STEM. She has been recognized by the Dean’s Honor Award and is the Marketing Chair of the Student Engineers’ Council-- the representative voice for Texas A&M engineer community. Rachael is currently interning and innovating solutions as a surface engineer at BHP Billiton.

  1. Rachel Gogal, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ‘16: Rachel is an ambitious senior at UNC- Chapel Hill and is soon to graduate with a double major in Public Relations and Political Science. She is the 2016 Class Vice President and Chair of the Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor. In 2015 she raised public awareness for Teach For America by hosting events and marketing. Rachel continues to stay active raising awareness on key issues affecting students at UNC and encouraging community service-- she aspires to one day work in media relations & crisis communications.

  1. Raichelle Aniceto, MIT 16’: Raichelle is closing in on her last year studying Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at MIT. She is a leader in innovation when it comes to engineering. In the past year at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab she helped develop optical hardware for deep space mission optimal signal detection and led a team of engineers to be awarded Satellite Development Center Team of the Month. Raichelle is the Founder and President of MIT Women in Aerospace Engineering and the Chief Operating Officer of the MIT Robotics Team. She also has been honored with the Rene H. Miller Award for Systems Engineering and named one of the twenty top aerospace engineer students in the world by Aviation Week.

  1. Rebecca Hu, Harvard ‘16: This Harvard senior is extremely active in her community as the Marketing Manager for The Harvard Crimson and as a representative in the Harvard Undergraduate Council. Rebecca strongly supports helping other women with their ambitions as the Community Relations Director at Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. In addition, she devotes her time to choreographing for the Harvard Asian American Dance Troupe and plans the financial budget for the Eleganza Fashion Show.

  1. Reilly Johnson, Dartmouth ‘16: Reilly a senior and working towards her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government. She is the 2016 Press Director for Dartmouth College Student Assembly and holds membership to National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Order of Omega. In 2013 she worked with World Partners in Education and taught local 4th-6th graders in Ghana with a creative approach to understanding reading & mathematics.

  1. Rini Sampath, University of Southern California ‘16: Rini is an accomplished, driven, and inspiring senior who is soon to graduate from USC. Her main focus in college has been on International Relations and she is the 2016 Class President. Rini has been honored by UC Santa Barbara Model UNs Best Delegate, Columbia University Model UNs Verbal Commendation and has received 1st place in a State Qualifying tournament Congressional Debate. She hopes to one day achieve social justice by working in government service.

  1. Steph Rhee, Yale University, ‘16: Steph is about to finish her studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & has extensive experience as former intern at Facebook and Microsoft where she developed different applications. She the president of the Yale Women's Leadership Initiative and leads a 24-person board. WLI is the largest group at Yale dedicated to supporting women in their personal and academic achievements. In addition, she is the Director of Speakers at Yale Entrepreneurial Society and has invited several successful leaders in the tech sector to give public talks and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. Surabhi Iyengar, University of California, Davis, ‘16: Surabhi is doing her undergrad in Managerial Economics. In 2014 she attended at the "Future Fab Female Founder" in Sacramento, where she pitched her wellness-based mobile app concept. She found a creative team that helped her develop an MVP throughout the weekend of the event. She is also involved with the Associated Students of UC Davis - Entrepreneurship Fund, Alpha Phi Omega sorority and she is a Co-founder of Monta Vista Positive Psychology.

Whether you want to learn from these fabulous ladies, or are a recruiter who is seeking out top-notch employees, it’s important to know about these amazing women who epitomize what it means to be a trailblazing mogul. Check out the Mogul Global Ambassador Program to learn how to become an outstanding leader.

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  • Tiffany Pham
    Tiffany Pham Founder & CEO, Mogul
    over 3 years ago New York, NY, USA

    Congratulations to all!

    Congratulations to all!

  • June
    over 3 years ago San Antonio, TX, United States

    Very impressive group of young women! The future is in good hands!

    Very impressive group of young women! The future is in good hands!

  • Angie Fenn
    over 3 years ago

    This list is awesome!! Congrats ladies!!

    This list is awesome!! Congrats ladies!!

  • Dawn.
    over 3 years ago

    Mogul is SOO cool! I wish I was on this list lol

    Mogul is SOO cool! I wish I was on this list lol

  • -Kimora
    over 3 years ago

    This is such a great list of women! This definitely showcases how our generation is doing us good.

    This is such a great list of women! This definitely showcases how our generation is doing us good.

  • June
    over 3 years ago San Antonio, TX, United States



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