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The Top 10 Influencer Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Videos Will Rule

The time has gone when people were discouraged from using video on the web because it gobbled up bandwidth and slowed the user experience. However, that has changed now. Video now plays at an acceptable speed on most wired and wireless internet systems. With the spread of 5G networks, you can even play usable video on the cheapest mobile phones

All major social networks have understood this change. YouTube has had been solely focused on video since it was introduced for people but the other big players – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter now all cater to video content as well. Google search results favor videos content now, too. Moreover, the most important thing is that people love to watch videos. Videos trigger emotions that make people buy your product or service.

As this year progresses, the video format of content will become more important. In fact, Cisco predicts that in 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be from videos

Instagram will Remain Pivotal to Influencer Marketing Success

While Facebook is taking a beating for its data-breaching activities its visual platform Instagram is soaring in popularity.

Instagram broke the record of 1 billion active users per month in 2018. Its popularity is still increasing, regardless of issues faced by its parent company

Instagram has also been smart, adding to its offerings, introducing Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and IGTV in recent years. Currently, Instagram is THE social media site of choice for the younger generation. Because of its visual nature and the fact that it incorporates many of the best features of other social media platforms

Instagram has built its importance in terms of influencer marketing. In 2019, Instagram will continue its growth and become one of the most impactful influencer marketing channels worldwide

IGTV Will Grow in Popularity

As Earlier I've mentioned that videos will continue to rise in importance within influencer marketing in 2019. One platform that is likely to see real growth, however, is an Instagram offshoot, IGTV.

Instagram introduced IGTV as their version of YouTube in 2018. Probably the biggest gamble taken by Instagram was requiring IGTV users to upload videos that are vertical only. Their idea is that most people hold their phone vertically, so they should also make their videos in the same manner. This may limit the amount of video cross-pollination. If you upload a traditional horizontal-format video to Facebook, YouTube etc, you can’t upload it to IGTV

IGTV will continue Instagram’s golden touch for influencer marketing in 2019. Brands and Influencers will make and upload more IGTV-specific content. Influencers who include short videos in their Instagram Stories now have the option to create longer ones as well.

Brands Will Cultivate Long-Terms Relationships with Influencers

It is common for brands to think short-term with their influencer campaigns. They search for influencers, they create the campaign, depending on the amount of control the brand requires. The brand analyses the results and then moves onto something else until the next campaign that requires the whole process again.

However, from the year 2018, as influencer marketing becomes more popular, there is a possibility that influencers will pick and choose the brands with whom they wish to work.

High-Value influencers are likely to fill up their calendar with paid promotions. If your brand isn’t careful, they will lose their influencer connection because of that short-term thinking. So, when you find suitable influencers, you should focus on building longer-term relationships with them

If an influencer continues to show support for your product through multiple campaigns, it emphasizes synergy between the influencer and your brand. It includes in the influencer’s authenticity, that they clearly aren’t just making a post to grab some easy money.

From the brand's point of view, continuing work with an established influencer gives continuity. If they have produced positive results in past campaigns, there is a high likelihood of them doing the same in future

Brands Will Focus on Alignment Rather Than Follower Numbers When Selecting Influencers

In the initial stage of influencer marketing, brands struggled to compare potential influencers. Therefore, many brands chose to focus on the easily discoverable metric of follower numbers.

The problem is that this is a very blunt metric, and can give positive results in the short term but may not prove to be a very high ROI in the long term.

Now, in 2019 businesses understand the true impact of influencer marketing. This trend in 2019 is likely to grow as brands are looking at a broader range of metrics when selecting the influencers. In other words, they now understand the importance of aligning influencers with your brand values

Brand Fit and Alignment are essential for a successful influencer partnership. For example, an anarchic, crude, influencer may have the support of millions of followers. However, they will not make a valuable partner for a brand that trades on having family-friendly values.

In 2019, brands have realized that the most essential requirement for working with an influencer is that the people they influence match up to your target audience

Actual Intelligence with AI

Starting from now to the coming two years, artificial intelligence will be a key player in better ad targeting as reported by Salesforce

We have started seeing that AI and self-learning algorithms are used to optimize creative Ad images this year. In the near future, AI will eventually will not only be used to understand contextual data, but also images. Moreover, AI for “intent advertising” will emerge, and platforms will be able to recognize what the shopper is trying to achieve and cater the creative messaging and imagery to the user’s experience.

Facebook’s User Base Will Stagnate or Fall

2018 was the worst year for Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica incident may have been a slow burner, but it came to a head last year. Facebook users fell from 67% of Americans ages 12 and older to 62%. This fell has been consistent across age groups and genders. Many people just don’t trust Facebook anymore. The other problem Facebook has is, it's no longer fresh or modern for the younger generations.

Brands Will Fight against Fake Followers

One of the peak topics of 2018 was the issue of fake followers. Brands are now going on the offensive, and more determined action is expected in this year.

Unilever has already mentioned it clearly that it will never again work with people who they detect have fake or bot (not genuine) followers, and other brands will follow. Fake followers could be the call for death to anybody stupid enough to continue the practice.

Now if somebody buys fake followers, they are effectively devaluing their social account forever.

Few brands will waste their marketing budgets in 2019 on “influencers” who show any evidence of having collaborated with fake accounts

So How is Your Influencer Strategy For 2019 Looking?

We know influencer marketing and are here to help you do all the right things in marketing. Get in touch with us today to see better results in the future.

Author Note:


Ashish Roy

Since founding a Digital Marketing Agency Cibirix, Ashish has used his marketing knowledge to lead the agency in generating truly efficient digital marketing experiences for clients. 

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