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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Anastasia Nikoloudi Mogul Influencer
10mo Europe Story
The story of how I loved you in another life...or maybe now

I'm almost sure. I have thought of that a million times and came up with this stable plan of mine for the future. And not only have I come up with that but I am totally convinced that this is exactly how everything will happen. In my next life, I will be a bohemian artist. Bohemian in my mindset, witty, with a mood that sparkles and a heart that never holds any grudge not because it doesn't know how but because it doesn't need any more of that. Preferably a painter because no one has enough colors in his life. Inside-out. With my charming voice, rare beauty, the greenest eyes humanity has seen and dark, exotic skin I would be able to prove that it's always the inside that counts, like a book and it's cover. It's always how you choose to read the book that matters...

I'll probably be French, I'd live everywhere, I'd have a lot of friends and one or even none long lasting relation. I'll smoke with style and I ll be studying medicine or architecture as a hobby. Because how could I fill my free time otherwise? I'll dress myself with long shirts and short shorts and I'll walk around on high boots, I won't sleep at night and I'll never be alone at home. My the center of a city, in a noisy district and a breathtaking view from its large windows. No curtains, no balconies. The horizon will be visible only through the windows because again it's the way you choose to look at something and not the place you stand. The other option is to be born male. But I can tell that you don't like this option. I ll even make your portrait. And if anyone asks who this handsome guy is, being depicted in it, I will say "a soul i have never met yet". And I will sell "you" to a Jewish art dealer from Spain."You" will end up in a Russian house somewhere in London. How much you liked London, do you remember? And with "your" money from the portrait I will go to Madeira for two weeks. You will ask me if I have ever thought of us meeting again in another life... Yes, we will but it's not our time yet.

We will meet at my 34 and you will be a little more mature somewhere in Canada. You will be a musician and I will have undressed myself from my bohemian skin. I will be a surgeon because life is too boring when all you have is just some free time to kill. We will be there with different companies, we will meet on the streets, you ll split my coffee over me, I ll whisper something regarding your clumsiness and then I ll light a cigarette. And I ll walk fast. I always walk fast. You will look after me but it will take you more time to find me. We will meet again after a couple of years in Bali, we will come across each other in a flea market, we will date for a while and then we will realize that we have to give it a try someday later. We will meet again in France and then one day walking on St Germain it would be inevitable for us not to kiss against a wall. French people won't even bother to notice us. They don't need another stupid romance like ours. We will end up at the 9th arr., it's almost morning and we eat macarons at my house, in different tastes and in every color. Everything fits in my story if you give it a second little thought. We wont leave the house for a month or so..why should we? Everything we need is inside it, trapped in the ceiling, hidden in the closet, stuck on the walls, laying with us on the bed, all over the living room and in each piece of furniture. There is nothing out there for us. And I am afraid that even WE do not exist out there...

Until one day we open the blinds and go out for a walk. Then, walking in a hurry like life is being chasing us, unused of the crowd and the sun, we will learn again what a relationship is.

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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Mogul Influencer

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