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Devin C. Hughes
7mo San Diego, CA, United States Story
The Power of a Handshake

Your Handshake Reveals More Than You Might Guess

Let's face it -- there's nothing more off-putting than when someone proffers a limp hand with a weak grip. To me, it can convey apathy or even disgust on the part of the limp-shaker.

On the other side of the spectrum, an unnecessarily gruff and gorilla-gripped handshake tells me that the person may either be incredibly insecure and is trying to cover that up, or is trying to assert their dominance. Either way, how you shake hands can tell the person on the receiving end a lot about you and your personality.

Interestingly, there are studies that have been done to meter the effects of different styles of handshakes. It isn't all just "in our heads" when we find ourselves a little creeped out by that "dead fish" shake... check out this great article from the Beckman Institute on the findings of some of these studies.

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