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Tara Fass, LMFT
Tara Fass, LMFT Licensed Psychotherapist in Los Angeles
7mo Story
The Oscar for Best Art Fair on a Movie Lot goes to FriezeLA

This still life 'Untitled Fruitbowl' (2018) by Doug Aitken evokes the myth of the American West on the road to the Land of Milk and Honey, which we all know is more complicated than the hype.  

All photos by Lewis H. Perkins, unless otherwise noted.  

If I could have, this is what I would have picked up at FriezeLA with a song in my heart, Nicolas Party, 'Landscape' (2012) Hand Tufted Wall Hanging.  For me this captures the spirit of Spring after Winter rains. 

I can not get this image out of my mind.  A Parisian who lives in Los Angeles, Claire Tabouret's, 'The Swimmer '(2019), painted on a towel, captures the intersection of timeless awareness with a simple joy in life. 

                   Robert Therrien, No title (mini stacked pots and pans I) (2003) 

It's a well known phenomenon that children will choose to play with a cellphone or TV remote over their own toys.  Here the artist turns the notion of work as child's play on it's head with a tongue in cheek twist that an artist's play is work?

                      Secundino Hernandez, 'Looking Sorry' (2018-2019) approximates the interior spaces in my mind as does El Anatsui's 'blankets,' (pictured below courtesy Globe and Mail) whose work is made from found aluminum and copper wire.

          No longer with us, I adore the 'evergreen' work of Vivian Springford (above).

Definitely edgier, best decorated booth by Dave Muller for Blum and Poe at the first FriezeLA art fair on the Paramount movie lot, Hollywood, CA, photo by  Christine La Monte

A classic in her own time Actor Diane Keaton (center), who feels more NYC than Tinsel Town, is a known art collector  seen here smiling for the camera with friends.

         Frieze goes Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.  Video from Vernissage T.V.

At 28 years young the Frieze brand is a relative upstart and now major player in the world of contemporary art.  From their magazine and web presence to their art fairs, Frieze has taken London, New York and Berlin by storm drawing art enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.  2019 marks their West/Left Coast inaugural edition in El Lay, the City of Angels.  Spreading out over Paramount Studios, one of a few remaining Art Deco jewels in LA's crown, steeped in history dating back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, is no small feat.  What a splash Frieze made taking over significant real estate on the world head quarters of an iconic hallowed place. 

Only commenting on the soul stirring head feeding entertainment value versus the kaching of Benjamins and Grovers exchanging hands, this weekend long event that stretched into an entire week in several satellite locations FREIZE LA was a stellar sell out in the best way possible.  

Paramount Picture Studios opened its gates for a gallery tent brimming with solid blue chip investment grade art and works of creative power pointed in that direction. Competition was stiff to be one of the 70 galleries chosen to participate from across the city and around the world.  Holding its own alongside the art for sale, just as important to the overall entertainment experience, Frieze LA included a college level curated program of talks, site-specific artists’ projects on the New York back street lot, music and films screened in the cozy Sherry Lansing Theater as well as the main theater.

     Inside the intimate theater stage where the college seminar level talks took place.  

Do you realize the power and respect Sherry Lansing (math teacher, model, actress, movie executive, turned philanthropist) garnered to have a theater named after her on the lot of Paramount Picture Studios?

    Paramount Picture Studios looking inward from the main front gate on Melrose Ave.

Yes there are movie lot tours that lead groups on a highly contained, narrated and controlled tour driven around on golf carts.  Frieze LA was something completely different, while no way less curated with the feeling of being off leash.  For an entire weekend one could meander and wander in the golden light of the park like setting, to meet new acquaintances and re-meet comrades of yore within the safe confines of the perfectly maintained Art Deco campus just being in this private sanctuary was exposure in the best way.  

Just inside the side gate entrance to FriezeLA in a pocket park we were greeted by a mysterious human walrus hybrid, 'Female Odobenid' (2019) by Max Hooper Schneider.

Every now and then the public gets a peak into the hallowed places behind the scenes where films and television shows are actually made, to have a chance to see the world where the media is conceived of and created.  Yes there have been charity auctions and other festive events held on Paramount's lot, but this first visitation by Frieze was more immersive and extensive.  So how does all of this celebratory conviviality related to art that stirs great feelings become a strengthening agent in the life of a city, and people, as an aid to keeping love, a sense of adventure and creativity alive in community and relationships?  Curator Ali Subotnick wrapped it up beautifully as she talked about the Frieze Projects program installed across the back lot at Frieze Los Angeles ‘Creating Special Experiences That You Don't Get In a Museum, A Gallery or a Normal Art Fair.’  

Lisa Anne Auerbach, mixed media artist second from left, with her Artists 4 Democracy’s “Democracy Shop” crew, “Psychic Art Advisor," and Tarot reading deck all of which promote an informed approach to creativity, collecting, and curating. 

From the unsuspecting hidden side gate which opened onto the secret garden and Art Deco buildings of the hallowed grounds of a movie lot born in the Golden Age of Hollywood to the New York street back lot artist Hanna Greely strung large paintings like laundry hung out to dry in the old neighborhoods of Naples, Italy, or Barcelona, Spain, bathed in the golden light that made LA 'the' place to film back in the day as well as the present time.  

FriezeLA was a spectacular success no matter how much art actually traded hands.  A few of the artists we particularly loved and were moved by:  

Tom Pope looking snappy in a Beggars Run suit  and House of Flora hat greets one with a flute of Ruinart Champagne and a chance to ponder the value of 'place.'  His assistant the gate keeper below is, Elenar Blank dressed by Schuller De Waal layered mix and match pieces.  When Elenar knocks it's time to move on though we could have stayed on in this cozy wood paneled den to shoot the breeze longer.

           Tom Pope in a video from a few years ago introduced 'One Square Club' which we were able to experience at FriezeLA.  According to Pope, "it's the world's most exclusive private members club, measuring one square metre and will have only one member at any given time. It’s both a performative artwork and fully functioning club."

Stand in the Stream creator Stanya Kahn above (for an Art in America magazine profile and portrait by Jay Hanna, 2015) in lively thought provoking satisfying intellectual yet accessible conversation with Andrew Durbin, US Senior Editor of Frieze felt like a master's level seminar in art theory criticism.

                   So much to see so little time to digest it all which may be part of what keeps us coming back for more.  Courtesy Hue Network

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  • Pamela Klein 92
    Pamela Klein 92 Warrior
    7mo ago Oxnard

    So give us an example, can you? @Tara Fass

    So give us an example, can you? @Tara Fass

Tara Fass, LMFT
Licensed Psychotherapist in Los Angeles

Tara Fass, LMFT #35078, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles, California. She treats adults and couples dealing with a broad range of issues from navigating the legacy of divorce in one's life, to the quarter life crisis and conscious aging. Together we attempt to make meaning [...]

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