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The Non-Care Factor

I've found as years go by there gets to a point where somthing that you used to stew over, can be easy to discard as irrelevant.. As the years go by that "somthing" is ever changing. From caring what you look like to other people to making double the effort for those that don't make any with you.

It's in my personality to try once, then try again when it comes to others. But once it's clear there is no reciprocating- I'm done. The care factor is gone. I'm genuinely happy to go about without them. Why? Because why spend your life chasing people? Why bother someone who doesn't  willingly want to see you? Do you really deserve someone who doesn't want to put time aside to see you? There's no ill will, there's no bad feelings, there's no grudges, it's simply how it is.

Time changes and people change with it. Those we were so close to become so distant. It's a sad thought, but the resilience it gives you is somthing to be proud of, and it's an achievment that you can at least walk away knowing you tried your best. Because life really is to short to chase people. Life is definitely too short to be chasing the disappointment of people not keeping their word. Those that are meant to be in your life will show you because they want to. Those are your keepers. Those deserve your care-factor.

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