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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Anastasia Nikoloudi Mogul Influencer
1y Europe Story
The need to stand

on your own feet. How can you become the person you want to unless you don't manage to stand on your own two feet? Difficulties will appear, fears will keep you company, many times you will feel lonely but in the end you will be proud of your little self that managed to become independent, fearless and so strong. You will meet people that will hurt you, you will lose friends and you will feel disappointed by others that you have trusted and supported. But it's ok, cause its your own feet you need to stand.

Sometimes you will find the ones that will be willing to stand by you. These will be other independent and fearless people who will not be scared by your freedom, who will share their experiences with you waiting to hear yours as well. These will be amazing people who survived the same disappointment and loneliness. They wont be willing to stand by you, they will be meant to do so. You will keep these people.

You will be forced to stand in front of your fears too. You will not be able to avoid this. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Usually we realize how easy things are when we already try them. And you have to try a lot of exciting things.

And when the years pass, and you are able to consider yourself an adult, you will need to stand for what you believe in. That's a virtue not many people share. But in the end it is the only thing that you need in order to stand on your feet proudly and with no shame, to stand by the people you love without any guilt or hypocrisy and to stand in front of your fears without feeling threaten or weak. Stand for what you believe. Especially when it makes you extremely happy.

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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Mogul Influencer

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