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OG Mack Drama
2mo Scottsdale, AZ, United States Story
The Mueller Hearings: What they Really Reveal to the American People and the World’s Political Landscape.

I read what they said on CNN. I watched the coverage on FOX News, read the article in The New York Times, The New Yorker, NBC News, Wall Street Journal, VOX, USA Today, New York Post, The Hill, The Guardian, YouTube, CBS News, Washington Examiner, Bloomberg, and AZCentral. These are all articles and views of prominent journalist and staff. However, they are all utterly off mark! 


First, the allegations of a foreign country interfering with our electoral college, is hypocritical! 


Do we have an embargo against Cuba? Yes 


Did we not do everything possible to discredit Saddam Hussein and topple his regime? Yes 


Do we apply tariffs and embargoes against foreign governments? Such as China? Yes 


Do we apply sanctions against Iran and other totalitarian regimes? Such as Venezuela! Yes 


So, is this really about being angry or upset over the allegations about Russian collusion with the Trump election camp? It shouldn’t be. Just look at our previous administrations track record! 


Not saying they did or didn’t. But we waisted government resources regarding this. 


Mueller did not take a pro or con stance with the Trump administration. His job was to fact find as much as he could, then present this report and/or evidence to the government powers, the Intelligence Committee. (Duty of Care) 


Which he did, to the best of his ability. (Duty of Loyalty) Data Science Central


What is very apparent (if you are truly are in step with this new digital era), is the total lack of knowledge, related to how to really go about investigating and then how to present the findings. 


Sadly, though our government has the top talent in the world and access to ‘A list’ #thoughtleaders, we don’t have the capable and knowledgeable leadership to handle it! Neither party Democrats or Republicans. 


We basically have a bunch of Neanderthals trying to sail a steam ship up the Mississippi river. We have a pack of savages trying to operate a locomotive. May sound harsh but by golly. I have children and grandchildren to think of!  

 We have some PRODIGY users trying to handle Apple iOS.  

 Are you starting to get the bigger picture? 


 social media, the internet, and data manipulation are alleged. Also, President Trump Is accused of allowing a foreign government to assist with his election? (They should have focused on that alone, then maybe it would have merit). 

It is unfortunate the way it stands currently. Clearly  a witch hunt. Republicans did it to President Bill Clinton, now the democrats have chosen President Trump to be there "quid pro quo".

 As it stands it was painful for me to watch.  

 Some of you may have read my article published here on Mogul in 2015.  On Mogul article on "Big Data by OG Mack Drama", it was about how I was taught and mentored about the digital age. 

 Thanks to deceased mentor and brother and best friend of mine. Stevie J the Consultant/Steve G. Jackson (rip).  An enterprise solution consultant expert/professional to Fortune 50 companies (Microsoft, Google, Apple, F5, REM), mostly involved in IT, along with the world’s leading expert in Data Science Dr. Kirk D. Borne (Principal Data Scientist at Booz Hamilton Allen. Astrophysicist).  @KirkDBorne Science Central 


If data science professionals like Dr Borne had been recruited; and consulted regarding the overall situation. They would have been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the allegations, or debunk them.

 If there was any data manipulation. They could even create an algorithm, using Big Data, A.I. and machine learning to assist with the investigation and its findings. 

 It’s still not too late if the truth is really what we seek. 

 I salute President Donald Trump. His election has truly shown where we are vulnerable. Rather now, than in the future of oops "too late"! 

Also, it's a testament to Democracy that we can instill new & most times unorthodox methods. Into the most free form of government. Is a testament to the Constitution and the Liberties for which it stands One nation under God with liberty and justice for all!

 We need government officials who are not #grandfathered in as is the current status.

 Who, albeit, have long years of experience in leading us through the cold war and communist threat of Nuclear Holocaust, we appreciate your service and dedication!

However, It's time ladies and gentlemen you retire and move on to greener pastures.  Let some Millennials and Generation Z have a go at it now!

 The new global market, as it stands, has most countries linked, not by the political ties but rather, business.  

 We don’t need to worry about a volley of missiles, but more likely a volley of coders out of India!  

We don’t need to build a wall between the USA and Mexico, but more likely a wall around the Silicon Valley and all they are developing there! AI, IoT, Disruptive Tech, Machine learning. 

 Technology has greatly removed the threat of Nuclear Armageddon, minus the North Koreans and terrorist extremist. 

 The new tech makes it even easier to find them and stop them! If you know how to properly apply it and understand the possible uses! 

 We need elected officials and government stewards who understand the new digital era. The “Internet of Things”, disruptive technologies, smart tech, Uber, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  (Trump at least knows how to use it, Twitter goon that he is)! 

Don’t even mention #Blockchain technology, most of the public is not prepared for that! Imagine this was a hearing on that (talking to you Technicians, “in rapper Tech N9ne voice)”haha 

 Currently, I’m not too sure if we are in fact a puppet of a foreign regime or not? Because currently, no one in the government has demonstrated that they have working experience or understanding of the NOW “New World Order” (technology)! 


This is reminiscent of the subcommittee hearing of The House investigation into anti-trust, anti-competitive business practices by the large tech firms like Amazon “Jeff Bezos, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg/ Matt Perault, Google Sundar Pichai/Adam Cohen. Earlier in July 2019 and The Mark Zuckerberg disposition in July of 2017. 

 Like back than and yesterday. A lot of lawyers and lobbyist spewing out legalese.

What they fail to recognized even todays Rule of Law,  that’s acceptable practice. Is still out of the date when it comes to technology! 

NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO PROPERLY cross examine people when technical variables are factored in. 

 If you the readers in the audience do not get any of this. WE ARE DOOMED. (meaning our so-called belief in being the leaders of the free world)! 

 Funny thing, a person like myself, OG Mack Drama, with rudimentary knowledge of #Big Data, I even get it. 

 Hmmmm maybe I should run for office!    

 Attention new 3rd party formed: 

 “The Technician Party”!

 Goodbye liberals good bye conservatives. Hello Innovators, entrepreneurs, Influencers, Thought Leaders. Data Scientist!  

 References: The Internet, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, On Mogul, Congress, Donald Trump. Associated Press. newspapers, magazines, radio, television, blogs. 

#WomeninTech #BigData #Cloud #PredictiveAnalytics #DisruptivePeople #ioT #machinelearning #datamining #BlockChain #distributed #Parallelsystems #businessintelligence  #predictivemodeling #datasets #pattern #paradigms 



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