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Ruth Glendinning
8mo Austin, TX, United States Story
The Lucky Mutant #Thisislove

What does love look like?

"Maybe It's Not About the Happy Ending, Maybe It's About the Story" ~ Anais Nin

My late husband, Keith Hogan--aka The Lucky Mutant--had a form of muscular dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. As a result, he was in a wheelchair his entire life. When we would encounter new people they'd often pull me aside and tell me I was 'brave' because I married a man in a wheelchair. In response, I'd ask "How do you know you didn't?" giving them something to think about, which quieted them quickly. I'd like to think that over time they appreciated me expanding their perspective and, ultimately, deepening their own stories in the way Keith did mine. 

These memories came to mind last night as I laid awake listening to the wild storm and the power suddenly went off. It put me back in those days as the caregiver for my husband before he passed away almost 7 years ago. I was always nervous when a big storm would hit at night since he was dependent upon a ventilator and I was solely responsible for his care from midnight to 8am. The ventilator had a 4-hour battery and we always kept a backup charged & ready for use, but that didn't stop the worst-case scenarios coming to my mind, even though Keith just laughed about it, which is how he approached life in general. 

Although Keith had a much longer life than his doctors predicted, he was still gone too soon. Those experiences will always be part my story, giving me invaluable lessons that are helping me write the new chapters that are now unfolding. 

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