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Tianna Leigh
Tianna Leigh Spreader of positivity
almost 3 years Phoenix, AZ, United States Story
The key to happiness is...

People are always asking what the key to happiness is. Often times believing the key is in the next room aka the next chapter of their life. I’ll be happy when…I finish school, I get the new car, I get the new house, I get the new relationship, I get the new shoes; and the list goes on. A lot of people are putting off their happiness for another day; another year, and ultimately another life! If we’re always living in the future; looking forward to “someday” we miss so much. We miss the now. We miss the magic of life. The magic of life isn’t “in the next room”; it’s within. You can CHOOSE the key to happiness; today; right now! How? You wonder. I’ll tell you that the key to happiness is simply… being grateful. You’re thinking “Say what? That sounds like a bunch of pish posh to me!” I assure you it’s not!


That’s truly the key to happiness. Gratitude. Be grateful that you woke up, that you have a warm bed to sleep in, that you have friends, that you have a car, that you have a job; that you are alive. I mean it. Be grateful for it ALL. The more you focus on what you’re grateful for; the happier you will be. Honestly, you will only attract more things in your life to be grateful for. Focus on the abundance; not the lack. Focus on what you have; not what’s missing. That’s what gets us all tripped up; thinking that the next chapter will be all butterflies and rainbows. Some chapters are full of butterflies and rainbows; but not all, and that’s okay. Be grateful for it all. When you take a moment to take inventory of all of your blessings; big or small, I can almost guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how much there is to be grateful for.


Be present. Be here. Be grateful. That’s it. Sounds simple because it is. What are you grateful for today?


Love and light, 

Tianna Leigh

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Tianna Leigh
Spreader of positivity

I love connecting on a deeper level and having authentic conversation makes me light up. I envision a big future in contribution to others through writing my memoir and Tianna Leigh blog, speaking and by sharing my inspirational quotes. I look forward to inspiring the world one step a time...

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