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The Key Benefits of Pay Per Click

There is a very good chance that if you have a website you will have heard the term pay per click (PPC) advertising before. But don’t worry, it’s not some scary abstract term that only those with a marketing degree will understand. It’s only of the most popular ways you can start getting targeted traffic to your website and start making sales. PPC is very effective at boosting traffic to your site and generating more leads by placing messages in front of your target audience at the right time. But before you jump on the pay per click bandwagon it’s important to understand the benefits of pay per click.

Pay per click does exactly what it says on the tin. Every time a user clicks on your ad you pay a small cost. The reason this works so well is that you are not fighting against every website trying to rank their website organically and jump to the top of the page. The results are instant, trackable and save a ton of time compared with ranking your website with search engine optimisation.

There are many key reasons that PPC is considered an essential part of any digital marketing campaign. So if you want to promote your website with a PPC campaign, its worth spending some time to learn about how pay per click could work for you.

1. You get instant benefits

There are many marketing techniques which require a large investment in time before you get any results. Indeed, SEO can take months before any benefits are seen at all. With PPC you can result on and off like a tap. Turn the tap on and traffic will start streaming to your website. This gives you complete control over what you spend and you will be surprised what you can do, even with a small budget. The other great thing is that you can do small tests which can be paused at any time.

So unlike SEO efforts which will cause a gradual increase in online traffic, turning on PPC will create an instant boost in traffic. 

2. You only pay when people click

Unlike other advertising models which are based on the number of impressions your ad gets, pay per click only costs your money with someone takes the time to actually click on your ad and views your content. This is awesome news as it means that you don’t waste money showing your ad to people who are not interested in your product or service. You only pay for qualified traffic by targeting specific keywords and phrases which are most likely to convert into sales.

3. You can target the people most likely to buy from you

Digital marketing has seen phenomenal growth over the past 10 years. The systems developed for brands to target customers have become ever more defined and now you can pinpoint customer audiences with algorithmic intelligence. Being able to clearly define your audience is one of the main advantages of pay per click. PPC Glasgow company Parachute says that ”not only can you target the right people, but you can also set the time and location your ad campaign kicks in. This gives you complete control over your PPC budget, with fully transparent results”. For instance, if you have a fitness product you can target gym users within a certain radius between 5 and 7 o’clock.

4. You can use PPC with other digital marketing techniques

They say that no one is an island. The same is true for digital marketing techniques. PPC works extremely well in conjunction with content marketing and SEO. You need to be driving traffic to your website if you hope to succeed in a crowded marketplace. Pay per click is only one piece of the puzzle as you need your website to be indexed by search engines. You could have the greatest website in your sector, but you are wasting your time if no one can find it! PPC helps you analyse what people are searching for and allows you to tailor content based on what people want to see.

If you get your digital marketing strategy right and work on both your content and PPC advertising you’ll be able to dominate the search rankings and crowd out the top of the page results…and get more sales!

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