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over 3 years CA, United States Story
The Invaluable Value of "The Arts"

So, what is "Art" - exactly? I suppose it's taking a vision, idea or concept and expressing it in a meaningful way.

It's using whatever medium you have at your disposal as an outlet for your emotions, thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns... Art is beautiful. 

Art can, of course, come in many forms. My preferred method is writing.

I take my intimate knowledge of the written word, of the literary world, of the nuances of speech, and I create something which expresses, well, myself. Sometimes it's catharsis, sometimes it's to convey a message, sometimes it's purely informative, sometimes it's just for fun. No matter what its intended meaning, it's meaningful to me.

Some of us are painters, capturing the essence of life and all its intricacies with paint and a brush.

Others are photographers. They see the world through a lens and use that lens to freeze frame snapshots of time in a most glorious manner. 

Even still, some are musicians. Utilizing melody and harmony, both instrumental and vocal, to give life to the messages they wish to express.

Perhaps you are a dancer? Preferring the physical embodiment of life, set to music, displayed for no on in particular - yet moving to everyone. 

What about the art of acting? Everything from Shakespeare's plays to Judd Apatow comedies; some actor out there is giving life to a character which would otherwise remain nothing more than a stagnant concept. 

Let's not forget about the sculptors. Taking clay, stone, bronze, found objects (you name it, really) and creating something tangible, something reflective of what their soul searches to create, something awesomely real or astoundingly abstract. 

If you haven't already guessed, I am a fan of the Arts in all their many forms and facets. The versatility; the incredible variation in personal expression from art form to art form, and artist to artist. Totally unique, yet universally approachable. 

Art gives us something to marvel at, something to create, and something to appreciate. It is the common ground on which virtually every person can relate. You may think "I'm not an artist" - but you are.

Do you like to cook? Then you're a culinary artist.

Do you like to create websites? Then you're a graphic designer.

Do you like to feng shui every room? Then you're an interior designer. 

Do you often change your make-up to fit the newest, most glamorous trends? Then you're a make-up artist. 

Do you like to plant gardens? Then you're a landscape designer.

Do you enjoy sketching doodles on just about anything? Then you're a sketch artist, a cartoonist, a caricaturist. 

Art can be found in anything. There are facets of creativity to every person. Everyone is an artist.

Don't let the arts die. Donate (even just your time) to local art organizations, to national arts organizations, or better yet, to arts in public schools.

Bring out the artist in yourself while helping others to discover their own talent for artistic expression. 

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BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on literature and composition. I'm a huge supporter of the written word, especially when we use it to inspire change! Do what you love, love what you do.

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