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The Importance of Female Bosses Who Take Time Out for Health

Many will argue that they would prefer working for a female boss as women are often perceived as the softer, more soothing gender that puts heart, soul and emotion into their work. On the other hand, others will argue that they would prefer having a male boss for the exact same reasons listed above. But does the gender of your boss matter if he or she isn’t taking time out for health?

According to some studies, female bosses are more prone to suffering from stress and depression than their male counterparts. Such gloomy moods can affect not only productivity at the workplace, but also a person’s health. As such, it’s only natural that a female boss who is suffering from depression will take time out for health. And this is where one absolutely crucial matter comes along – the issue of corporate health.

Female bosses, who take time out for health, are more likely to invest more resources into corporate health. Being on the top of a corporation and having the luxury of calling all the shots might seem tempting, but it doesn’t come without bearing heavy responsibilities.

Both male and female bosses are partially responsible for their employees’ physical and mental health state. Working for a female employer doesn’t necessarily mean that your boss will be emotional or understanding all the time, but it certainly means that their proneness to depression will likely make them more willing to take time out for their own health and to allow their staff to do the same thing. However, investing in corporate health programs doesn’t draw the line with offering paid sick-leaves.

Workplace wellness programs also feature health insurance plans, paid vacations, gym membership discounts, regular health scans, and so forth. And truth be told, we all need some more women bosses who are willing to focus on such essentials.

Maintaining the mental and physical health of the employees is of fundamental importance for any corporation out there. Stressful environment, illnesses, sick-leaves, and depression are key factors for low productivity at any person’s workplace. And low staff productivity will inevitably crash even the largest companies out there.

Working under female bosses doesn’t guarantee that they’ll take time out for health, or that they’ll allow you to do the same. However, having in mind that in 2017 the world still can’t overcome the need to denigrate women bosses just because they are female, women on top of corporations from all over the world are more prone to mental suffering from the fact that their male counterparts aren’t being undervalued in such ways due to gender discrimination. This truth alone motivates tons of female employers to pay more attention to what they can offer to their employees in terms of health benefits, monetary compensation, and creative freedom at the workplace.

Many people will tell you to stay away from the idea of working for female bosses as they’ll have the tendency to allow emotions to cloud their judgment. However, it’s the emotions that make us stressed out, depressed and demotivated to work. Moreover, they can also affect our physical health. And if your female boss gets that, she’ll be more likely to invest her company’s resources into taking care of her employees’ health.

The world needs more female bosses who take time out for health. Just as low staff productivity can harm any given corporation, a depressed, unhealthy female boss who does not have time for fun games and wellness can do the same harm, if not even worse. In the long run taking time out for health purposes equals better results at the workplace, which in return equals a successful, thriving company.

In other words, if your boss is focusing on her health, the health of her employees and the overall health of her company, it means you should definitely stick with said company. On the other hand, if you’re a female boss working on the high end of the corporate ladder, and you’re taking time out for health-related purposes, you should never be ashamed of showing that you care for your mental and physical condition, as well as for your own productivity at work. Health is important and it should never be neglected.

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  • Jennifer Ridgeworth

    It is important to find ways of working out that you enjoy. It took me a long time to find it, but after trying different classes, I realized for me that working out by myself at a gym was best. Do you know if the elliptical machine is okay to use or can it hurt your knees?

    It is important to find ways of working out that you enjoy. It took me a long time to find it, but after trying different classes, I realized for me that working out by myself at a gym was best. Do you know if the elliptical machine is okay to use or can it hurt your knees?

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