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over 1 year USA Story
The Hunting Backpack is Big and Far from Everyone will Approach

All my own, as they say, I carry with me. Bottle of water, tormozok with a meal, or even a couple, a big camera in your camera bag and a small video recording, compact tripod, laptop, tablet, set of cables, an external HDD, an umbrella, a pair of smartphones and external batteries for notebook and gadgets - it's all easy Fits, and still the place remains.


The backpack is big and far from everyone will approach. Look at how he sits on a 190-centimeter carcass:

Practically one to one sits and if I were smaller, the accessory would be too big and would hang like a sack. But as for the volume of the straps, the adjustment range is very wide, so that the backpack will fit well on the lean man and on the full one, too.

In everyday operation, it is convenient in that many useful things are placed and more or fewer things can be organized in pockets and departments. On the other hand, if it is good to fill the main department, then something big to get out of it, for example, a camera in the trunk, will be already problematic.

But the weight of the best hunting backpack on the shoulders is not felt, there is no excessive pressure from the straps, the back can sweat only with very intense movement and in great heat.

A good fastening on the chest and belt allows even to run from the Large Volume Daypack on the shoulders. At least for buses a couple of times chased without problems - the backpack did not hang much and did not interfere.

It turned out to be such a functional and paramilitary backpack, a sort of cultivated and comfortable bag that can be a bit frustrating only with not very neat places sewing. But the main thing is that the seam is reliable and the accessory does not crumble under the load.

Far from all this backpack is suitable for large sizes, not everyone will be delighted with the system of variable volume with soft internal partitions and the lack of a rigid frame.

If you need a reliable and roomy thing for every day, if you carry not only "notebooks and a tablet", but also a lot of other useful things, then this is an excellent choice and a cool urban backpack for every day, which will also be useful In the campaign, and on business trips.


  • Very capacious, but at the expense of form is not huge;
  • High-quality accessories;
  • The ability to pull the backpack straps and not to carry "air";
  • Large and comfortable side pockets;
  • Quality straps, waist and chest straps, good back ventilation system, elegant handle;
  • A system of variable internal volume of departments, although this is a controversial issue;
  • Waterproof nylon of three kinds, which positively affects the appearance of the backpack.


  • Almost all lightning is not protected from water;
  • In places a grubby suture and protruding threads;
  • Department for the tablet is not fixed screed.

Backpack features:

Size: 50 x 36 x 17 centimeters

Volume: 30 liters

Weight: 1.3 kg

Material: nylon and polyester 1200D


It would seem that it's time to stop - there is a compact sling and a large backpack, and not one, and all kinds of bags, but the insane and fanatical handbag-backpack inside already requires new adventures, wants new cool pieces.

While I stare at the Book Cobra Pack and KATA 3N1-25 PL Sling Backpack. Accessories are different but unusual and uniquely interesting, true, expensive. Have to choose.

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